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North Korean Hit Squad Tracking Case of Cash, Nuclear Secret Defector

North Korea has a lot of secrets that they are willing to kill to keep hidden.

When Japan surrendered to the U.S.A. ending WWII, it was not an unconditional surrender. The Japanese demanded that their emperor not be charged with war crimes. This was no small matter to those who felt ravaged by his leadership. The same may be the case with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un as the Korean War will likely soon officially end, but his crimes will be revealed as nothing short of barbaric, as Fox News reported today.

A “squad of North Korean assassins are reportedly hunting a high-ranking defector” who took off to Great Britain last February with “with a stack of cash” and likely “nuclear secrets,” as well. The person being sought is Mr. Kang, a man thought to be in his 50’s and “a colonel and senior counter-espionage official.”

Many defectors have given the D.P.R.K. a series of black eyes, some even arriving invested with parasites and worms, but as denuclearization looms, what Mr. Kang possess could be quite telling. He defection happened while he was in China, according to reports.

Mr. Kang’s job was to “monitor dissident and espionage efforts in Russia, China and southeast Asia,” the Telegraph has reported. The man is an “elite North Korean citizen,” a matter which carries a lot of weight in that culture. Making his status even grander is the fact he is “a direct descendant of Kang Pan-sok, the mastermind behind the guerrilla campaign against Japanese inhabitants in the 1930s.”

Mr. Kang pulled his vanishing act from “the Zhongpu International Hospital in Shenyang on Feb. 25,” South Korea’s DailyNK has revealed. The location is thought to be a place for hackers from North Korea to work in China.

Kang, whose jobs it was to direct “intelligence-gathering and ground operations” was gathering data “for the rogue regime’s nuclear program through meetings with scientists.” All of this means that the information which Mr. Kang is said to have is of great interest to the U.S. as plans to meet at the “Peace House” with President Donald Trump are readied.

The defector has a machine that prints U.S. currency, according to many reports, and he has stacks of foreign currency as well. Before Mr. Kang is able to divulge any secrets or spend that loot, however, Kim Jong-un has ordered a hit, sources say.

Despite presently being unable to locate Mr. Kang, the search is still underway,” said the DailyNK article. He is thought to be in the United Kingdom or perhaps France.

It is also said that Kang took flight to “save his own skin.” His son’s home was known to have been raided and documents were found which appeared to show that the elite citizen was making money “while overseas.” His family is still in North Korea and peace or not, Kim Jong-un is known to abuse 3 generations of families when one member defects.

All of this means that while the Hermit Kingdom is emerging from their shell and thankfully releasing U.S. captives, there is a lot going on that is not front page news. Perhaps this is because the world is willing to overlook many of Kim’s ills for the greater good, much like ending WWII did in Japan.

Either way, while it is good to see things moving away for combat with N.K., those dealing with the kingdom need to remain aware of just what it is that they are still capable of doing as the transition happens.