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Nunes Blows A Fortune In PAC Money On “Lavish” Lifestyle

Devin Nunes (pictured) is said to have been spending like a drunken sailor...literally, as his wine tab shows.

Life today just got very complicated for Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). The Hill has just reported that he used political donations to live the good life, spending $150,000 on “Boston Celtics games, winery tours and trips to Las Vegas,” a fact also verified by the news outlet McClatchy.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee used capital from his PAC (New PAC) to see the Celtics three times last year, as a matter of fact. By reviewing “reports from the Federal Election Commission and two” other “watchdog groups,” the alleged information was discovered.  If this is not just another attack on a conservative, the credibility of Nunes is going to be about as solid a Jenga stack.

Since 2003, the PAC has paid for “lavish” events in Vegas and Nunes has managed to spend “a total of $42,741 on catering, rentals, hotels and meals.” It is safe to say that those must have been some very savory meals with that kind of tab.

Just last March, $7,229 was sent to “seven restaurants and hotels.” Nunes was also drinking it up like Kim Jong-un as he spent “thousands at six wineries in Paso Robles and Santa Margarita,” California. The wineries were not even located in his district, but that did not stop him from raising glasses, it seems.

Another $5,000 was spent in just one day on limousine services. On top of that, a “separate $4,409 charge is listed for the Sea Venture, a beach hotel about 20 miles from Santa Margarita.” All under the guise of fundraising expenses.

When asked about the high price tags incurred, Nunes at first only said, “I wish I could help you.

Later, a statement was released that said, “The report is yet another baseless attack by McClatchy. It insinuates wrongdoing while actually showing that Rep. Nunes has broken no rules and properly reported all expenses for his fundraising events, much of whose income he gives to help elect other Republicans.”

The House Ethics Committee does not allow personal expenses ato be part of what this money is used for, but the Hill says that abusers rarely face punishment. The abuse is so widespread that “only 45 percent of the money given to leadership PACs over the last three election cycles went to other candidates or committees.

This is a black-eye that may not result in any legal action being taken, but suffice to say, a lot of people are counting on Nunes, particularly as it relates to President Donald Trump and others.

Therefore, if it’s not too much ask, it would be nice if he paid for his own basketball outings.