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Obama Accepts Speech Gig, Forbids Press From Reporting

It is easy to smile to broadly when making $400,000 to speak, an actions that Obama (pictured) condemned Mrs. Clinton for.

Former President Obama is someone who has been acting somewhat strangely since leaving office. No, not his skydiving or vacationing, that is to expected after 8 years of service from any leader. Rather, he keeps doing things like forbidding “all members of the press and media from reporting on his event in New Zealand this week,” as the Daily Caller reports to be the case today.

On top of that, no interviews are to be granted and those who attend are prohibited from posting anything about it on social media. The most unsettling aspect is that (going against what he claimed was right when he ran against Hilary Clinton), Obama stands to make $400,000 off of the deal.

Obama shall also meet with New Zealand’s prime minister while there, it has been confirmed. It should be of great interest to everyone why such a meeting would need to be so silenced.

The press is not even allowed to ask questions as the “moderated conversation” (i.e, staged and scripted) “with the US-NZ Council.” The media is actually to be present but forbidden from doing their jobs.

So much for post-office transparency.

Whenever President Obama undertakes private engagements, one of the conditions is that they’re closed to public reporting,” observed a source from Air New Zealand and “the NZ Council,” according to Newhub.

Those with Obama may only “confirm they are invited to an event with the former President if they want to, but they should decline interviews until after the event by referring any press inquiries to the Obama Foundation.” Clearly, even though he is no longer in office, there are things which the former U.S. leader wants to keep tightly under wraps.

Reason published leaked data from when a similar strongarming of the media was attempted “at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,” so hopefully a similar occurrence will happen here.

If not, then everyone will be left wondering just what was said. No one, even those who most support Mr. Obama still, can suggest that $400,000 changes hands for something as simple as his words of cherishable wisdom. Something was wanted by someone, and that seems more than clear at this point.