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Obama Integration Plan Scrapped, HUD Lawsuit Follows

Ben Carson (pictured) is not going to waste money any longer.

The election of 2016 is over. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton lost, as did Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Jill Stein, and others. This tidbit must be real news for leftists who are now attacking HUD Secretary Ben Carson for “suspending an Obama-era rule requiring communities to examine and address barriers to racial integration,” as the Washington Examiner has written today.

As if they had won the election and were in charge, those “against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and HUD Secretary Ben Carson” are planning to file a lawsuit over the matter. Billions of dollars are at stake and the spiteful left refuses to concede to the truth of who is in the White House and to respect how he wishes to lead the nation.

The 2015 Obama-era screed made it mandatory for “more than 1,200 communities receiving billions of federal housing dollars to draft plans to desegregate their communities.” If this was not done, money was withheld or lost.

It is written that each area that got the federal dollars had “to assess local segregation patterns, diagnose the barriers to fair housing and develop a plan to correct them.” However, this isn’t the 1950’s and the ending segregation (the point of the half-century-old law) is something that happened long, long ago.

Every 8 years, communities were to “submit” the data to the federal government. The assumption is that there is some kind of “barrier” when there is not, in most cases. Everyone is free to live where they wish and rules are in place to help prevent anyone being denied housing based on anything but the ability to pay and care for the dwelling (some criminals records are taken into account, too). Therefore, Carson is wise to quit allocating so much time and effort to such mind rot.

Communities without HUD-approved plans would no longer receive federal housing dollars,” the Examiner also wrote.

Carson feels that federal meddling is the cause of today’s “failed socialist experiments.” It was President Thomas Jefferson who said that the government that governs best governs least, and this is true in this case, as well. Therefore, Mr. Carson has allowed “local and state governments to continue receiving HUD grants without compliance with the full requirements of the Fair Housing Act.

The lawsuit alleges that the Secretary broke the law when he did not provide “advanced public notice or opportunity for comment.” It is important to note, however, that “more than a third of the 49 plans initially submitted to the agency were rejected as incomplete or inconsistent with fair-housing and civil rights requirements.” Money was being wasted by the truckloads, in other words, a calling card of government nosing where it should not.

Always ready to play the victim, Lisa Rice, president and chief executive of the National Fair Housing Alliance said, “HUD has continued to grant federal dollars to municipalities even when they know the municipalities are engaging in discrimination. They are rewarding cities for bad behavior.”

The fact is that Mr. Ben Carson is a black gentleman. If there were the kinds of shenanigans which Rice claims going on, would not it be stopped rather rapidly with such facts being true? Not since Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called the secretary a “white nationalist” has the left looked so dreadfully foolish. The anti-Trump crowd is just livid that a black man won’t pretend that there is racism where none exists.

The lawsuit also states that “HUD required jurisdictions only to certify that, every few years, they analyzed barriers to fair housing in their communities, made gestures in the direction of solving them, and memorialized this analysis in their own files (never reviewed by HUD). As both HUD and the Government Accountability Office found, putting local jurisdictions on the honor system was ineffective.”

It also whines, “Decades of experience have shown that, left to their own devices, local jurisdictions will simply pocket federal funds and do little to further fair housing objectives. Judicial intervention is necessary to vindicate the rule of law and to bring fair housing to communities that have been deprived of it for too long.”

Madison Sloan, director of Texas Appleseed’s Disaster Recovery and Fair Housing project, also wants Carson to see bigotry where there is none. “My fear is that HUD’s rescission of the rule tells communities, ‘You’re off the hook. We’re going to keep giving you money even while you keep perpetuating segregation,” the director opined.

Thankfully, Carson spoke the facts when he said that the money was simply being used to make sure that “anything that looks like discrimination” is found so that the capital keeps coming to combat it. The trouble is, there isn’t any of the barriers spoken about in most communities any longer.

They’re not responding to people saying there’s a problem,” proclaimed Mr. Carson. “They’re saying go and look for a problem and then give us a solution. And what I believe to be the case is we have people sitting around their desks in Washington, D.C., deciding on how things should be done, you know, telling mayors and commissioners that you need to build this place right here and you need to put these kinds of people at it.

That is the kind of concise logic that allowed Carson to not only lead the pack at one point during the campaign, but has allowd him to work prudently in his post at HUD.

Now, if the people can just keep his furniture expences down…