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Obama Returns To National Stage As “Asian Tour” Announced, Following President Trump

Is President Trump's travel schedule this important to Obama?

America has been fortunate enough to have not heard much from our former president since he left office. After some half-hearted declarations of battling President Trump, Obama largely disappeared from public.

When he has surfaced it has been in other countries in a pattern that is too obvious to ignore.

Earlier this year Obama gave the impression of shadowing the current president. He planned a massive trip to Europe shortly before and coinciding with President Trump’s trip, speaking with many of the same leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel. Now, earning him the name “shadow president,” he is on his way to Asia, touring the same areas that President Trump just did.

Is he covering the president’s trail in an effort to keep his name in the headlines? Perhaps he is trying to undo President Trump’s efforts?

Two peas in a pod. Merkel was likely much happier to meet with Obama than President Trump.

Not only will Obama be visiting China’s President Xi Jinping, he will also stop in New Delhi where Ivanka Trump currently is.

Obama’s excuse for these tours is the Obama Foundation kickoff tour. A coincidence on his part? Likely not but it still remains to be discovered if he is actually doing any covert work behind the scenes.

President Trump’s trip to Asia was a resounding success despite what the liberal media attempted to portray. He was treated with much more respect than Obama was ever given during his tenure.

Even the citizens demonstrated their interest in the U.S. leader.

In India, Ivanka is promoting her signature cause of women’s issues focusing on education initiatives. She was also very well-received there as she has been wherever she has traveled.

Since the Trump administration trips have gone so well, it seems a shame for Obama to follow them around, undermining the good that is being done. The question must be asked, are Democrats behind the subterfuge? Will this contribute to their made-up lies about the president?

Or is Obama simply attempting to regain some shadow of importance by following President Trump around the world?

Source: The Daily Wire