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Oregon Caters To Liberals, Puts Additional Option On Driver’s Licenses

Pure folly in action.Now a person be male, female, or X in Oregon thanks to new DMV laws.

Many people who have studied the law understand that, after the first time, it technically should be illegal to make someone keep paying to keep a drivers license (which is what renewal is) since, among other reasons, it taxes a person again and again even though the registry was paid for once. As for eye exams, anyone could get those and mail them into the state every so many years.

The scam of license renewal has gotten PC as well as unnecessary, the Daily Caller reports today. Oregon now is the first state to “legally recognize non-binary, intersex, and a gender people on ID cards,” thus catering to people too confused to read a biology book.

Starting July 3, residents in Oregon may choose, “Male,” “Female,” or “X,” which is said to represent “non-binary” preferences.

The scientific and provable fact that men and woman have two differing organ sets (save some birth defects) and that there are only two REAL choices to be listed is lost on this state’s leaders, it seems.

A particularly dramatic and cartoonish statement came from Jamie Shope, the first person to choose “X” as a gender.

As if Shope just saved the world or cured cancer, this attention seeker said, “I’ve trembled with the fear of failure and cried tears until I had no more tears to cry, because of the magnitude of what’s been at stake — and now won,”

Trembled with fear while choosing what sex to put down on a state document that is designed only to pick one’s pocket to start with under the guise of safety? That’s rich.

Seconds matter.

Depending on the circumstances, this new drivers license idea could add precious moments to a first responder’s job.

He added, “This was always the right thing to do all along” and Shope will get the official document printed on July 3, NBC News reports.

This will, of course, cost lives when EMT’s are called for emergencies, for instance. Oh sure, it will only take them a little bit of time to figure out what gender the person really is. What’re a few seconds when dying, right?

Other nations have added many differing categories, including the grimly applicable “Eunuch” in India. With the way that most men act today in Oregon’s leadership who didn’t stand against this nonsense, perhaps they should have that option given to them!

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