Oregon Plans Sickening Firearm Takeover Plan for 2018 Election

Oregon Plans Sickening Firearm Takeover Plan to Roll Out During 2018 Election

Oregonians have quite an important choice to make.

In the classic musical, “The Music Man,” a shyster strolls into town and manages to avoid telling the truth while promising to be a musical genius (when he could hardly hum). The anti-gun crowd has been singing his tune for a very long time, as they claim they don’t wish to take anyone’s guns from them–though they aim to do just that. The Gateway Pundit now reports that the state of Oregon now plans to target their own citizens for a firearm takeover. They don’t just want to take them away–they want to completely destroy them.

A new initiative called the “Promote Public Safety for All Through the Reduction of Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines” pulls off a swindle that would have made the would-be music maestro proud. It has “been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, and will require over 88,000 signatures” in order to appear on the 2018 ballot. Those after the guns want owners to surrender their guns for destruction.

It has also been reported that the “chief petitioners are Walter John Knutson (aka WJ Mark Knutson), Michael Z. Cahana, and Alcena E. Boozer.”

What all of those people seem to miss is the fact that, even if select numbers do agree to such foolishness, it still goes against the Constitution. After all, 99 people out of 100 can not legally vote to allow murder or rape, so it stands to reason that large numbers can not take the Second Amendment away, either. But liberals don’t appear to be backing down.

Key parts (listed below) of the unlawful suggestion define an “assault weapon” so broadly that anything larger than a peashooter could be called into question.

This would make illegal the Ruger 10/22 rifle in .22 caliber, most semi-automatic pistols, and “the classic Marlin Glenfield Model 60 .22, designed in 1959, which holds 14 rounds in a fixed tube magazine.” There are other weapons too plentiful to list which would be made illegal, as well.

The crafters of the screed do not even know what they are talking about. They site a pistol that “has a folding, telescoping or thumbhole stock” as an assault weapon, but there has been no such creation ever made. A stock on a pistol means that “it becomes a short barreled rifle,” not a pistol. Therefore, the wording allows for even more problems than meets the eye at first reading, which is saying a lot.

Also stated is the fact that “A person commits the crime of unlawful possession or transfer of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine if the person manufactures, imports, possesses, purchases, sells or transfers any assault weapon or large capacity magazine.” So, now anyone selling collector’s items may be taken to court and hauled into jail for it!

If the gun is registered (which allows for easy confiscation by police and is frowned upon by the nation’s founding document) this would be the case.

Worst of all, “Violation of any of these things is a Class B Felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

None of this sounds like the “shall not be infringed upon” wording that adorns the Second Amendment. This is not what the right to bear arms was about, either.

Limiting ammunition will likely get a person killed during something like a flash mob, which is one more example where such restrictions are dangerous.

As 2018 rolls around, let it be known in Oregon that a great con is coming and it needs to be stopped.

It is time to wake up and hear the music.

“‘Key parts of “Promote Public Safety for All Through the Reduction of Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines’

(1 )(a) “Assault weapon” means any:

(A) Semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and has at least one of the following:

(i) Any grip of the weapon, including a pistol grip, a thumbhole stock or any other stock, the use of which would allow an individual to grip the weapon, resulting in any finger on the trigger hand in addition to the trigger finger being directly below any portion of the action of the weapon when firing;

(B) Semiautomatic pistol, or any semiautomatic, centerfire or rimfire rifle with a fixed magazine, that has the capacity to accept
more than 10 rounds of ammunition;”