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Pelosi Supports Closing Coal Plants By 2020 In W.V. Slight

Pelosi (pictured) is supporting the same ideas that sunk Clinton, according to some pundits.

One of the things that is making America great again and helping the economy, as President Donald Trump has said, is the booming coal industry that his policies have helped to rebuild. Now, the myth-makers who support the fallacy of man-made global warming have the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) championing a return to old ways, as Fox News confirmed.

Pelosi has come out in support of former-President Obama’s failed “War On Coal,” and is “backing a radical initiative to shut down more than a third of U.S. coal plants by 2020.” This is the same meme that helped sink Hillary Clinton in 2016, suggesting to some people that Democrats have learned nothing about why they lost.

This is happening even as clean coal is flourishing, as Wired Magazine has published.

Under President Obama, we went on to pass the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act in the House. But we were stopped in the Senate by the coal industry,” said Pelosi, implying that this is a negative thing. The oft-confused leader was speaking on Thursday to the Global Climate Action Summit in California, the NTK Network has confirmed.

For this and other reasons, I’m so grateful to [Former New York City Mayor] Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Beyond Coal’ initiative working with the Sierra Club. It is so essential,” the California liberal also opined. Of course, Beyond Coal is a group that calls coal “an outdated, backward, and dirty 19th-century technology.” If they got their way, prices would surely soar like a mighty condor with no end in sight, many experts suggest.

It there is any doubt to this point, their own website’s admitted, “The Beyond Coal campaign’s main objective is to replace dirty coal with clean energy by mobilizing grassroots activists in local communities to advocate for the retirement of old and outdated coal plants and to prevent new coal plants from being built.”

By 2020, this group wants coal plants shuttered and replaced with “clean energy solutions such as wind, solar, and geothermal” advances which they imagine to be sufficient. They even boast about their goal to keep “coal in the ground in places like Appalachia and Wyoming’s Powder River Basin,” even as many leftist-ideas have failed to do anything but raise costs, some people have said.

In words that have all but assured a severe lack of blue wave movement in W.V., as some pundits see it,  Pelosi unwisely said, “We had to fight some Democrats. Senator  Byrd had a coal-powered plant fueling the Capitol, you know I was speaker and that’s gonna go,” too.

With all due respect to West Virginia, we’re not gonna have a coal power plant floating around,” she added.

There are people who have studied this topic and not only have decided that the science behind man-made climate change is faulty, but also that the end-goal of many leaders is to limit travel and to take more money from the common person with ideas like Pelosi is trying to advance.

While some people would also call that a conspiracy theory, it can not be denied that leftist policies were both expensive and effective in the past, as the Wired work also shows.