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Planned Parenthood Of Wisconsin Fined For Failing To Report Democratic Contributions

Why did donations to Mrs. Clinton (pictured) go unreported?

The abortion debate has more sides than advanced geometry, yet there are still some facts that can be observed in the discussion. One of those things is that ties of a political nature need to be made known, particularly if Planned Parenthood and groups like them are involved since they receive money from the U.S. government. As Fox News shows today, that disclosure failed to happen.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsinhas been fined by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for failing to report in a timely and accurate fashion $116,898 in independent expenditures spent in support of Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold.” This happened during the last presidential election cycle, the commission has shown.

Planned Parenthood was busted when “discrepancies” were found in their quarterly report from 2016. The group listed “$133,305.04 worth of independent expenditures on that report,” which showed financial data from July 1 to September 30, 2016.

The problem arose when $116,898.08 of that total “showed in the filing was never submitted in any previous 48-hour reports.” This is required when money is going to “independent expenditures,” as was the case here.

The expenditures, in this case, were made up of $58,449.04 that Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin used in “support of Hillary Clinton and an additional $58,449.04 disbursed on the same day in support of former Sen. Feingold (D-WI).” This was no mere oversight, according to many. Considering that Republican Ron Johson won that election, questions remain.

The Free Beacon has found that Planned Parenthood is claiming that they did not intend to break any laws, however. They “claimed ignorance to the requirements in its response to the commission.

When all is said and done, anyone who analyzes the facts here can see a huge problem that goes beyond one’s stance on abortion. Any entity that gives huge amounts of money to a candidate(s), and/or while getting money from the government, needs to be watched closely. Corruption is all but asked for if this is not the case.

The door is open for candidates who do win to “repay the favor,” so to speak, and this runs counter to the honest progress of government.

If this can happen in one instance, has it ever happened before with Planned Parenthood.? If so, who benefitted that time? All of these questions display just why the facts in the case matter so much.

Therefore, even if one is inclined to support the reproductive rights as spelled out by Planned Parenthood, there is no supporting what they did.