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Police Respond To Report Of Tiger Sighting, Find Raccoon

Does this look like a tiger?

Recently in France, a tiger was put down after authorities did not know what to do as it roamed the city streets. That would surely seem to be a story that would not be likely to repeat itself, but as fate would have it, that is what happened in New York, as the Associated Press has confirmed.

Well, at least that was the claim. It was a mistake and proved to be quite exaggerated.

Social media was all lit up with reports that a tiger was looming around the city, but it seems that the reports are actually false. WNBC News has discovered that the New York City Police Department did get a phone call around 8:30 in the morning “Thursday about a tiger in Harlem,” but there was no large cat to be found.

Users of Twitter said that a notification from “Citizen app” confirmed that police did look into the matter since, clearly, anything is possible in the Big Apple. Had the threat been real, very few people would have been surprised there.

Police did find a raccoon on the street that was supposed to be where the tiger had been reported, but that was it.

Considering that the beautiful creature needed to be killed (since injection and sedation darts don’t work rapidly enough and public safety was a concern) in Paris, the fact that the incident did not repeat in the United States is good news.

One does have to wonder what kind of drugs the person who reported a tiger while seeing only a raccoon was on if, in fact, the whole phone call was not a prank.

That is a very real possibility, too.

If so, while very funny, tying up authorities in a world where they could be needed for authentic threats at any moment is not the best use of police time.

Therefore, it can be hoped that whoever made the call got a good laugh if they were seeking one and that they now stay off of the phone so that some real work can be accomplished.