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President Of Islamic Indonesia Moves Forward With Ban Of Sharia Culture

Not standing for terror.This is the sight that will greet terror groups who are banned in Indonesia.

Some Muslims are often feared, even when not violent or a threat to anyone because they do not do enough to combat and shut down radical Islam. Indonesia’s President  Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is not such a Muslim, however, and he ready to fight back.

This leader is giving his government the power to outright ban violent groups and he makes no apologies about the decree that he signed on Wednesday regarding it, OAN reports.

A wise man.

President  Joko “Jokowi” Widodo (pictured) is not even allowing terror groups or sharia law to exist in his nation.

The decision comes following “months of religious sectarian tension in the world’s largest Muslim nation,” and changes an already present law that “regulates mass organized gatherings.”

The ban protects the government from long drawn out and expensive court costs for “infringing” on the rights of such people, too. Now certainly, some will say that a truly free people should be free to join any group that they wish.

This is true, however, two things alter this from the usual stance of liberty and freedom. First of all, Indonesia is not America and these bans are legal in that nation.

Secondly, these groups are hurting others and that is where the “do as thou will” idea breaks down and becomes something that threatens the freedoms and rights of everyone else.

This is mentioned within the OAN article when it is written that “Indonesian analysts say the measure is directed at fanatic groups pushing Indonesia to adopt Sharia law to become a so-called caliphate.”

There it is again, the filth of Sharia Islam, the cancer of the human soul. Daesh and many groups exist only to cut off hands, hurl gays from rooftops, and blow up marketplaces.

There is even no mercy given to other Muslims who do not adhere to their twisted view of what Allah wants. They long to convert or slaughter all. 

That may be their agenda and the demented goal, but in Indonesia, it just got a lot harder to achieve.

Source: OAN