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Pro-ISIS Media Calls For Biological Attacks In San Fran And Elsewhere

The U.S. is the target of radical Islamic terrorist threats...again.

Last week, it was shown that biological and germ warfare can be harder to accomplish than one would think. That said, just as ISIS failed at military training, they (and those similar to them) are ready to make yet another attempt at malice. The Geller Report has verified that pro-Islamic State media has called for the “release of a pathogen ([sic] disease-causing agent) or biotoxin ([sic] poisonous substance produced by a living organism) against humans, plants, or animals.

It also says that the terrorist sympathizers know that this kind of an attack “could be used to cause illness, death, fear, societal disruption, and economic damage.” MEMRI has even shown that San Francisco is target pictured in one of the videos which promote attacks on major cities. “We will make you fear the air you breathe,” the terrorists frighteningly promised.

One way that such recruitments happen is by making the horror of possible infection seem worth it to the would-be terrorist who has to handle the deadly agents. A narrator in the video says, for example, “While the world is watching silently! The European governments are developing satanic chemical attack systems to be brutally tested on the cities and peoples, which refused humiliation and humiliation so the Muslim countries in Africa and [sic] Khorsan turned into testing fields of phosphorus bombs and toxic gas. The crusader alliance continues bombing Mosul, Raqqa, Al-Anbar and others… with various types of chemical bombs and incendiary gases.”

“And similar to the enemies of God! We invite you, oh Muwahid [monotheist] who lives between the Mushrikeen [idolaters] that you clean the dust of humiliation and to renew the fatal nightmare in the land of the devil worshipers with a silent destructive weapon. It can not be detected or tracked it cannot be escaped or avoided with simple equipment, extract the most harmful viruses and infection bacteria then release them safely by following these simple steps: First, try to find the most severe epidemics to treat.”

They leave off the fact that keeping the deadly agents active or alive may be very hard to do and how the sickness that could befall those who handle it can be so nightmarish that they will beg Allah for mercy as the agony sets in.

Also, if they would quit trying to kill innocent non-Muslims, perhaps governments in the West would not be building bombs to defend themselves with.

The foul message also says, “Hantavirus [is] derived from the feces and droppings of rats that carry the plague of the most serious plague at the moment. The Cholera virus is extracted from the patient’s waste. Typhoid bacteria, found in human and animal wastes in general and frequent in the dirty areas.” Just how the average terrorist is supposed to carry out these complex extractions (not to mention knowing which waste is infected) is not known. Are they just to play in fecal matter until they hit jackpot?

The video calls for the poison, once finally found, to be spread around. “Sprinkle the liquid substances or the basics of bacteria with drinking water to take effect automatically. Sprinkle the crushed material on exposed fruit and public foods or scatter them in the air in crowded places – with caution.” Sure, caution is easy to use while spreading poison around…?

With only a fuzzy explanation on how to do it, the same video suggests, “Third, try to be safe and avoid any danger that may affect you during the preparation of harmful substances.” Somehow, playing in waste and handling diseases in one’s spare bedroom can apparently be done “safely” in the eyes of ISIS recruiters.

Here is the extent of the safety training: “Work in a room with natural and industrial ventilation. Wear gloves and blouses during work. Put the goggles and goggles – according to chemical process requirements. Do not touch or inhale the materials. Isolating the workplace from the rest of the house. Wash your hands with sterile soap and water after each test.”

The video also says, “To our brothers in Aqidah [creed] and Iman [faith] in Europe, America, Russia, Australia, and elsewhere, your brothers in your lands have absolved themselves of blame so leap onto their tracks and take an example from their actions and know that Jannah [paradise] is beneath the shadows of swords.”

Now, one would think that any religion that talks about the joys of handling poison and fiddling in human waste would be a religion that few would want to join. However, the West is being dumbed down to the point of total ignorance about the Middle East and Muslim faith in its lack of regard for human life outside of the religion.

Thankfully, their recent plot may be much more difficult to carry out than is being perceived.