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Propaganda: News Outlets Spreading Lie On Trump Security, But Forgot To Check Their Math

One Man Poised To Save America, Yet Trampled Under Media Lies And Propaganda

What initially started as post-election tears from those on the left has now developed into a national crisis. Those who supported the alternative Clinton reality are becoming increasingly hardened against the measures now being passed in Washington. But one thing remains clear: Trump isn’t backing down from his election promises–his actions thus far serve to show he wasn’t playing games and meant every word promised on the campaign trail.

The left’s newest grievance deals with Trump’s need for Presidential Security. It isn’t exactly a new idea, but Democratic talking heads have decided to pick apart the details, specifically Donald Trump’s decision to remain posted in his NYC headquarters.  But, as long as our Commander in Chief remains safe and hyper-effective at all times, the logistical differences between Washington and NYC don’t even matter–if he’s getting stuff done, he’s getting stuff done.

So, what’s the issue then? Currently, Trump’s opposition is claiming that it requires an additional $1,000,000 a day (with some outlets digging an even deeper lie, claiming several million) to keep the President safe in his “alternative” office located within the NYC Trump tower. Furthermore, they claim this shows Trump has ‘receded’ on his campaign values to drain the swamp and downsize the government’s budget.

Salary statistics for the United States show the median police pay to be $53,281. This comes out to roughly $146 a day for each police officer. Quick math shows that $1,000,000 a day would equate to over 6,800 police officers.

This amount of police officers is equivalent to a Brigade in the United States Army. That is 5 companies of men, trained and proficient in their warrior tasks and drills. This size of military unit is responsible for carrying out extensive and enormous ground-combat operations in war-time environments, and you’re telling me Trump needs the same level of resources to guard his tower in NYC, which doesn’t even consume an entire city block? That doesn’t even account for the police force already present and patrolling the area.

Vehicles Utilized For The 401st Army Field-Support Brigade, Stationed at Camp Arifjan; Liberals Claim This Same Level Is Required To Guard Trump Tower. Fake News, or Fake News?

Furthermore, that doesn’t account for any of the high-level evacuation methods afforded to the President that would allow his quick escape should him and secret service find themselves in a sticky situation.

Clearly, the number was created out of thin air to spread intense propaganda against Trump while riots rage on in the streets, possibly funded by Democratic mega-donors. As the evidence of those claims continues to unravel, it becomes increasingly obvious: some very powerful people never wanted Trump in office, and are now pulling the stops in an effort to see him removed.

So, in the end, it’s clear that the left’s recent push of this nonsense (now being widely circulated by large news outlets such as Salon and even Time) is only aimed at increasing instability in our country. When the dust settles and kind words are exchanged, we know what these people really want: to stir violence and hatred that will do nothing to unite our country moving forward.

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