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Proud Black Woman Destroys The Mainstream Media’s Race War In VIRAL Video

Owens (pictured) speaks more truth in five minutes than most people do in a whole YouTube career.

There are some things to get excited about in regards to race relations in America today, and if more people saw it, it would be a movement in and of itself. There is a real solid group of people in the U.S. today who, regardless of color, refuse to play into the MSM’s ridiculous game and call 6,000 K.K.K. members a threat (that is how many there are, roughly, in total).

According to the Bizpac Review, one proud black conservative woman says “Let me invite you over for a cup of hot steaming facts,” laid down the facts and “trounced the leftist narrative being pushed by the media on violent rioting last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.” She just wants everyone involved to “use their brains.”

White supremacy and the KKK. Really? That’s what you guys want me to be concerned about this week?” asks Candice Owens in a new video. “Do I look like an idiot?

If you are a black person and you expressed some irrational fears this week over the rise of the Klansmen and neo-Nazis,” she says, then the truth is about to be told.

For one thing, “approximately 93 percent of black homicides were committed by other black people” she says, before adding, “white people are not better” with 2012 figures showing that “84 percent of white homicides were committed by white people.”

Go figure! It’s like we’re all racist towards our own selves,” deduced Owens with a bold accuracy seldom heard in social media rants. Most killings are fits of passion and since most people are around their own race at such moments, that is likely the biggest cause of homicides. Race would not even be a factor in most cases.

Trump has been called a bigot and has had his good name smeared by the MSM.

I mean there are around 6,000 Klansmen left in our nation. You want me to seriously process that every day when I wake up?” she asks. She shows that the media is behind this race war, too, not President Trump.

The YouTuber talks about her “great day” where a white woman gave her a towel at the gym, a black man helped her with a new workout machine, and a Latina helped made her coffee house drink with an extra shot with NO issue.

Calling all of this “absolutely crazy,” she continued by saying “Why did we not hear a single thing about David Duke, white supremacy, and the KKK the entire time Obama was in office?

Do you think they were all hiding underground, waiting for the next white president? Meeting by the light o f the moon? Do you really actually mean they weren’t still meeting, holding protests and having rallies and marches?” she rhetorically asked into the camera.

Maybe the media wasn’t covering it. Use your brain,” Owens proclaims.

The Vice President has been by Trump’s side calling for peace from all sides of the protest.

The commentator nailed the conversation shut by saying that the media was “simulating a reality” and said that she must dwell “in a bubble where black people and white people get along everyday,” as she mocked the MSM.

“You’ll have to forgive me for not realizing that the figurative racial sky was burning and it was up to me to choose a side” because she would have chosen, “neither of you losers,” which is pretty close to what Trump said.

Honestly, everybody involved in this fake racial war is a loser,” she also adds, and that is a message that those out in the street taking things to hellish extremes need to hear.

Source: The Bizpac Review