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Putin Issues Shocking News Of Epic Split, Declaring Russia Will Now Follow Libya’s Lead

Russia is planning using a gold backed currency that would negate the dollar.

Very few people know why Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi was really overthrown by a U.S. lead uprising that has today propelled the likes of ISIS. Some will point to his bombing of airlines many years ago, but that was all put to rest when Ronald Reagan attacked the Islamic dictator in the 1980’s. The real reason was that Gaddafi wanted to “create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the Western central banking monopoly,” as the Free Thought Project consisely worded. Since the United States has a flimsy economy based on a fiat currency backed by nothing, an honest capital replacing the dollar would hurt America greatly.

Instead of changing to sound money standards, Obama chose to change Libyan leaders, and today we have terrorism ruling in what was once called the “jewel of the Middle East.” Now we have learned that Russia is preparing to do the same thing, something would limit the effectiveness of threats to sanction the nation from the U.S. and NATO leaders. Stopping Putin is not going to be as “easy” as sending Clinton over to lie about a YouTube movie clowning Mohamed, that is for certain.

Central banking has hurt America since it was instituted against the advice of the Founders.

Russia is said to be flirting with the idea of “a nationalist model based and conducting transactions with allies in gold,” something would surely increase the number of “allies” that they would suddenly have. Gold is also the safe haven that investors flee to (thus rapidly raising the price of) during times of global unrest or uncertainty, too. With the world in a terrible state, Putin could get very rich by engaging in such monetary practices as these.

Central banking and the U.S. dollar would be cast away if things were to get worse, something that the nation’s Founders correctly said would happen if central banking practices were embraced. The BRICS countries are also fed up with the failing dollar and are planning similar moves. The fear in the U.S. is that since American dollars are not backed by anything other the Fed’s printing press, if the world stops buying our worthless paper bills, what will happen to the American economy?

Perhaps we should have listened to the Founders.

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