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Remember When Obama Spent $65,000 Of Tax Money On ‘Hot Dogs’ And Never Told Anyone About It?

Obama Hard At Work...

In a now mostly-hidden email, Fred Burton accidentally let slip that Obama spent $65,000 in taxpayer dollars…on hot dogs and pizza.

As a journalist, I will refrain from diving too deep into #pizzagate (which is undoubtedly supported by evidence from countless different sources, from WikiLeaks to funding reports).

At $5 a hot dog (and man, that has got to be a premium hot dog), that means the White House bought over 10,000 of the meaty treats.

I would like to ask, what does someone do with 10,000 hot dogs at a White House party? I’ve already promised not to go down the rabbit hole, but you’ve got to at least admit they aren’t talking about hot dogs here. And if they are, how did the White House’s intimate setting host a private party large enough to consume these hot dogs?

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The token liberal response is probably, “he was the President, he can do what he chooses!” To which I would reply, “Then why the fuss over Trump’s decisions? Can he not also ‘do as he chooses’?” I doubt I would receive much of a response–I’d probably just be told to check my privilege or asked why I’m a “Nazi”.

There’s too many questions, and very little answers. The mainstream media won’t report on this, and most people will glaze over. But, for those engaged few, those patriotic Americans who are good at taking in their surroundings—this is yet another clue to a deep, dark side of government never before revealed.


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