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Rep. Gianforte Receives Amazing $116,000 Surprise After Reporter Takedown

The Gianforte campaign received an infusion of cash after the incident with the reporter.

It is highly likely that Republican Greg Gianforte set out one day to body-slam a reporter. It could have meant the end of his career and quite possibly his freedom if the man had been seriously hurt. Fortunately, he wasn’t, Gianforte went on to win the election, and he apologized and agreed to donate $50,000 to the Committee to Protect Journalists. However, in another event he probably didn’t plan on, Gianforte also received more than $116,000 after the incident.

A report from the Federal Election Committee has been released and it shows that the day after Gianforte attacked the reporter, his campaign “brought more donation money than it had in the prior five days combined, including 25 donations of the maximum $2,700 allowed by law from an individual to a given candidate.”

The letter from Gianforte to the reporter he assaulted.

This level of donation is highly unusual on the day of an election, let alone after a candidate makes such a drastic mistake. Sources say that money is not generally given on election day since it is too late to use it purposefully. That didn’t stop the donors in this case.

The Congressman has already filed re-election paperwork for the 2018 campaign. It is likely that the money will be carried over to that. Meanwhile, Gianforte will serve the state of Montana and pay his dues for his poor judgment.

He pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to community service as well as paying a small fine. To avoid any civil claims, he wrote the apology letter to Ben Jacobs and pledged the money to the journalist charity. In the letter, he stated his actions were “unprofessional, unacceptable, and unlawful”.

Violence should never be condoned except as a means of self-defense. Liberals have not recognized that and continue to try and incite violence even after Republicans were shot at and innocent people were wounded.

Gianforte has taken the morally correct route here and is making amends for what he did. It was certainly the wrong decision but perhaps it was his handling of it that resulted in his good fortune.

Source: The Guardian