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Rep. Waters Gets A BIG Surprise After Locking Conservatives Out Of Town Hall Meeting

Waters hears the painful truth.Maxine Waters is swarmed by those who are terribly unhappy with her leadership.

When Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) rudely said to one of her constituents that she could not be impeached because she was a woman of “color” (some say “Congress“), it was only one of many mindless comments that the hateful leader has said over the years. She was even attacking Ken Starr back in the Clinton era, in the same whiny voice, no less.

Now the poverty pimp (as she is known) who lives in a mansion got heavily booed after a town hall fail that will go down in infamy. The Gateway Pundit reports that protesters surrounded her car as the was departing and let her know that everyone is awake to her racist, hate filled rhetoric that only damages our country with lies.

A black voter is said to have “went nuclear” on the dreadful Democrat, calling her a “black racist” and reminded her that she’s “destroyed the black community by giving all the jobs to illegal immigrants.” These were the people that she least wanted to attend, too.

Those with bullhorns showed up and she was greeted with a symphony of “boos” as she was jeered by everyone present due to her failed leadership. With middle fingers flying, her vehicle was surrounded and the justified verbal abuse continued.

The Pundit also says that there were people screaming, “Maxine’s gotta go!” “Get outta here!” “Racist!”

It seems that people are starting to have enough of the Democrat lie since many present were supporters of President Trump who the biased Waters is trying to impeach on false charges.

It is known that she is one of the most divisive people in Congress. Along with other “sour grapes” Democrats, rather than accept that she and her party were rejected FAIRLY by the American people, she trumps up fake accusations to impeach the winner.

The Poverty Pimp on display at a donut shop near you

Posts like this are becoming common as people, at LAST, awaken to what Waters really is. The POVERTY PIMP, on display at a donut shop near you.

More than that, she is on the wrong side of every issue, and no “D” next to her name can save her any longer.

Blacks, as seen in the video, as well as whites are furious at her for ruining jobs with her open border views.

Jobs, however, are not the lone cause of societies growing unhappiness with California’s poverty pimp. The fact is that Maxine Waters has done a great deal of harm to America in a number of ways.

Thankfully, it seems that more and more people are waking up to that fact daily.

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