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Report Claims 71 Percent Of Counter Intelligence Budget Going To Mueller

Pretending to put the pieces together is costing a fortune.

The Washington Times has reported71 percent of FBI’s foreign counterintelligence budget” has been “diverted to the Russia probe.”

Even though the Obama administration was most certainly aware that the dossier crafted against Mr. Trump was the work of DNC chicanery and a former British spy looking for a paycheck, the investigation was begun. The result is that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is spending money on this ridiculous and baseless witch hunt “at the expense of other national security concerns.”

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a “retired military intelligence officer and a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research,” has discovered that a staggering 70% of the capital that is supposed to go to “foreign counterintelligence investigations” is being used for this mindless investigation.

WMAL News quoted Shaffer as having said, “never once thought mentioning that the origins of all that was from opposition research” in relation to the long list of names associated with the dossier. Even the totally fraudulent story involving Russian prostitutes was part of the waste.

When host Larry O’Connor asked if the Steele-crafted screed was leaked to CNN for the “sole purpose” of harming Mr. Trump, Shaffer responded, “Yeah absolutely. Look, the two pieces of this really is what you just said. It was a setup, Larry. I mean basically how would CNN had ever known a briefing like that was given and more importantly the President was owed a complete and detailed explanation of the sourcing.

“That to me right there is criminal negligence on the behalf of Comey. And let me tell you a little bit too. I’m going to drop some information with you and your audience which is not public yet and I want y’all to have it.”

He continued, “According to my sources 71 percent of the FBI’s foreign counterintelligence budget has ben diverted to focus only on what we’re talking about here, Clinton and The President. Which means that all the stuff we’re seeing now to include what you just mentioned regarding CNN, everything has been diverted to this completely false narrative that James Comey presented to the President, the media then got ahold of it because James Comey leaked it to them. That’s how they got it.

No one can be sure how many actual needs are not being met or back-burnered so that this investigation into a DNC lie can continue as if it actually had merit. “So that’s what I’m telling you. Everybody has been so focused on dealing with domestic political issues Larry, no one is actually monitoring working at the shop. Everybody has been moving on here to this. So, the vast majority of the effort is focused on everything you’re seeing now regarding getting some evidence on President Trump or trying to explain a way and not look at the Hillary Clinton stuff,” Shaffer said addressing this.

He added, “So you have to ask yourself, what’s been going on over the past year before last and this last year, when they are diverting all their resources to these… Let me be clear on this, they are supposed to be focused on foreign threat but they have now diverted the majority, the bulk of their funding to go after domestic targets. This is very frightening and this is what we’re seeing now play out.

These are the kinds of details that those who speak ill of Mr. Trump firing Special Council Robert Mueller are prone to forget. It may be for the good of the entire Department of Justice and the U.S. as a whole to now put the brakes on this fruitless and needlessly divisive investigation.

If not, who is to say that they will stop at “only” 70%?