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Republican Introduces Bill To Put Officers In Schools To Protect Students

Will officers or armed veterans at schools help?

After any horror in the news cycle, the solution is always to throw money at the problem or to ban something that is thought to have caused it. For instance, the most common sense (and cheapest) way to keep school safe is to allow staff with training to carry firearms  (or others along similar lines) present in school buildings. In D.C. terms, it seems that $1.5 billion is the price tag for doing this, at least according to Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), as the Washington Examiner reports.

Certainly, no one can condemn the determined Republican from trying to invest in the safety of students after the Parkland shooting. It is a worry that federal government loves to overspend, but in this case, it seems to at least be being done well. Meadows is “chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus” and he wants to “spend $1.5 billion to put law enforcement officers in schools across the country.” The current time is the “defining moment,” according to Meadows and he feels that children should be protected from being “soft targets.”

While there have been instances of violence even from the cops towards some students, many libertarians feel that having a non-police presence would better serve the students than acclimating them to a prison setting, but that seems to be the directions pursued nonetheless.

The “Protect America’s Schools Act” is the name given to the proposal yesterday and it states that money would go to the “Community Oriented Policing Services’ School Resource Officer program.

A far better idea, also proposed by Meadows, is called the “Veterans Securing School Act” which would, as the name implies, have vets hired by the state “to serve as school resource officers.” Police departments would be given certain liberties when it came to hiring these sorts of workers.

This latter option would solve a lot of the lack of work problems felt by vets and also save money in the long run. Also, no one is better trained or more ready with a weapon than America’s vets, and they have the reserve to know when not to shoot. That nuance cannot be overlooked if safety is to be the goal.

Best of all, Meadows shows how these two solutions do not limit nor ban any weapon, but instead, places defense where it is needed and eliminates the targets created by gun-free zones.

Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald has come out in support of the plan, a very important voice to have on the matter. “As counties like ours look at the myriad of options to improve school safety, this initial funding for School Resource Officers is a great step to ensure that our local governments have access to the funding they need should they determine that increased officer presence is one facet of the strategy they want to adopt,” he said.

It is going to be a delicate dance as the nation attempts to secure the safety of students without rolling out the red carpet and inviting them to accept a police state.

Due to the fallen level of our society, that is where we are.