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Retired F.B.I. Agent Now Tied To Dr. Ford As Kavanaugh Debate Rages

Even more questions are coming up now that there are retired F.B.I. workers helping Dr. Ford.

New information shows the ‘fourth’ witness did not confirm Kavanaugh accuser, Ford’s, account. As the National Review had reported, Leland Ingham Keyser does not recall “EVER BEING AT A PARTY with Brett Kavanaugh and does not know him,” for example.

New data shows “that Ford’s longtime best friend, McLean, who was at the beach with her when she composed the famous letter that got leaked is also a very deep state operative.” Mclean, it turns out, is a retired F.B.I. agent.

This is an accuser with a Clinton family link and the whole situation looks a lot like a smear campaign to many talking heads. In fact, reports say that the Senate Judiciary is tracking the texts between Mclean and Ford.

For what is now the third time, “Keyser is working with the Judiciary committee and has testified for the THIRD TIME now that she has NEVER been at a party with Brett Kavanaugh,” it has been written. It is not even said if she recalls her good friend ever being in such a situation.

Now, Keyser is lamenting the fact that those on the left are trying to pressure her into altering her story for the good of Ford, even though that would be dishonest. The Wall Street Journal has reported that she “was pressured by former FBI agent and Ford friend Monica McLean — and offered proof to FBI investigators,” in no uncertain terms.

Now, it has come to light that “Laufman is her lawyer. McLean was in the second row at the hearing, one of the reserved seats, as she was photographed coming in after Ford and her lawyers.

For that matter, McLean herself is retired from the F.B.I., and while that does not prove anything in and of itself, it is a red flag to many legal experts. It should be noted that she “is the one who Ford’s former boyfriend swore he had seen being coached by Ford years ago to take her polygraph for her FBI job application.”

What all of this means, according to the Pundit, is that “Connecting dots makes it easy to infer that this whole plot to take down Kavanaugh is part of the larger effort to take down Trump.

They also have concluded that “Laufman was involved in the Clinton probe and Mueller Russian interference probe as well as taking out Flynn. Now he’s involved in the Kavanaugh plot.”

Many fair-minded people have taken a look at all of the facts, and they wonder how in such a large nation, these same few connections can keep cropping up like weeds.

It is strange to some people that the very names tied to taking down General Flynn are here to bring down yet another person supported by President Donald Trump.

While some leftists may opine that asking such questions is somehow sexist, for the good of honesty and the rule of law, those more interested in facts than politics are asking them anyhow.