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RINO Senator Announces New Anti-Gun Law, But There Is One GIANT Problem

Senator Jeff Flake needs to hire a fact-checker.

Liberals always believe that the answer to violence is more gun laws. Cities like Baltimore and Chicago defy those claims with their strict gun laws and war-like violence but facts rarely deter the left’s arguments. As if they aren’t bad enough, now some RINO (Republican In Name Only) senators are jumping on the gun control bandwagon. In the case of Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, his announcement of a new anti-gun law has one giant problem.

Senator Flake wants a new law to prevent people convicted of domestic abuse from purchasing firearms. Perhaps before the lawmaker went on his rant, he should have checked the facts.

Since 1996, the Lautenberg Amendment prohibits any person convicted of a “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” from legally owning a gun. Maybe this tweet could be deleted?

The senator went on to dig himself deeper with another embarrassing “mistake.”

The Texas shooter does have a history of domestic violence. However, he would have been unable to purchase the guns he had legally anyways if the Air Force hadn’t failed miserably. When Devin Kelley was dishonorably discharged, he should have been entered in a national criminal database and was not. He was discharged for an assault on his wife and child. Maybe this is what confused the senator?

None of the whining from the left does anything to address the real problems here. Kelley lied on the application to obtain the AR-15. This was a crazed man determined to get a gun, all the laws in the world wouldn’t stop him. That is the case with most criminals if they want to obtain a gun, they will. The only people affected by stricter gun laws are citizens trying to protect themselves.

Source: The Gateway Pundit