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Rioters Shut Down The Road During Protest

How is this helping anyone?

Antwon Rose, the 17-year-old suspect who fled from police and was shot has developed a huge following by those who think that every black criminal shot by police is innocent. In Pennsylvania, Parkway East in Forest Hills was blocked as 100’s of unruly rioters blocked traffic and blamed the officer who called the suspect, Michael Rosfeld.

Rioters obstructed travel “from the East Pittsburgh Police Station, down Route 30 in Forest Hills to the Parkway East where they blocked traffic in both directions,” an act that could easily cost lives as ambulances and other traffic is impeded.

Those present claim injustice, but no one yet knows all the details. When it is a white officer doing his job, he is assumed guilty, despite the fact that a number of people are injured by police, regardless of race.

Around one in the morning, after traffic was backed up for miles and Friday was a new day, police told those present to leave or be arrested. By 1:30, riot gear was adorned and by 2 a.m., a “summary arrest” was conducted on one lady behind a guardrail who refused orders to disperse.

By three in the morning, traffic was flowing again. Truck drivers, often with a refrigerated product that must get where it is going in a timely fashion, were also at last free to do their jobs. They, too, would like to get home to their families, a fact lost on the mindless gathering. That is why around 11 a.m., one trucker justifiably threatened a rioter with a tire iron!

The thugs were chanting, “SHUT IT DOWN!,” oblivious to how this could affect things like the local fire department. However, if one of these fools were to have their house on fire and someone stopped the help from arriving, they would be furious.

The worst part of the whole issue is that if the driver had not fled, the driver would not have lost his life. Yes, there are times when police use too much force, but this case has not even been closed yet. There is a chance that the findings will bear out the solid facts.

Meanwhile, ending the use of roadways for everyone is hardly going to help bring justice to anyone.

Preaching against all white people or hating on every police officer is not going to bring justice, either. If the officer who fired the shots was in the wrong, this will be determined through law.

Acting like rioters and stopping the flow of people who want to get home, finish the day’s work, or just enjoy a drive is not going to win anybody’s favor.

As a matter of fact, it may make everyone just shut off any discussion about the case because the people who support it are clearly not logical.