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Rising Star Democrat Forced To Resign, Plead Guilty After Lies Exposed

Representative Daisy Baez has been forced to resign.

Daisy Baez was elected last November to serve the citizens of Florida. She ran for representative of District 114, claiming she owned a residence there. The rising star of the Party is now being forced to resign over that particular lie. She will also, as part of an agreement, plead guilty to perjury.

The Miami Herald began uncovering Baez’ lies in May. The newspaper reported that she did not appear to have a rental property in District 114 as she stated. This revelation began an investigation.

Prosecutors quickly uncovered that she did not rent an apartment until after the Herald exposed her. That was also well after the election and her repeated lies of “I have two residences.”

The Miami Herald story that began Baez’ downfall.

The scandal has led to Baez dropping out of the Senate race. Although only in her first year as a representative, she had been marked by Florida Democrats as someone who was going to excel quickly. Baez’ leaving could also cause bigger problems for the Party.

The swing seat she currently holds previously belonged to Republicans. With her resignation, the 120-member Florida House will only have 40 Democrats. This could result in Republicans holding a supermajority in the next session. They would have the power to do almost anything such as override a veto from the governor or waive rules. The left certainly cannot be happy about that.

As part of her plea deal, Baez will pay a $1,000 fine, be required to take an ethics course, and serve one-year probation when she won’t be allowed to run for public office. In her resignation statement she sounded as if she was not going to let that stop her;

“When I began my service as a Representative last year, I vowed to serve the public interest to the best of my ability and I am confident I have done so. As I return to my life as a private citizen, I pledge to continue fighting for universal healthcare, empowering our teachers, and improving the quality of life for the youngest, most vulnerable Floridians.”

Source: The Miami Herald