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Rubio And Others Warn Of Chinese Lies Coming Broadcast From Mexico

The Chinese spin on the truth may be dished out to those in America as fact.

It’s strange to think that a Mexican radio station would ever help spread Chinese propaganda, but the Free Beacon has reported that to be the case.

The FCC is investigating the sale of the radio station, which “will bring Beijing propaganda to Chinese Americans throughout Southern California.

A Federal Communications Commission has found that a filing concerning the “sale of radio station XEWW AM 690 radio near Tijuana” confirms that the buyer is tied to “to Phoenix Satellite Television US, a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing Phoenix TV.

Keep in mind, all of this is taking place even as China has demanded that Google, YouTube, and other companies censor what is fed to their people.

Thankfully, Donald Trump’s administration is investigating this through the goggles of a national security concern, which it may well be. After all, the “Hong Kong television station also has close ties to China’s intelligence service and military.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was not shy about stating his concerns on the matter. “The FCC must protect American security and economic interests, and deny any attempt by the Chinese government to broadcast Communist Party propaganda and other programming into the United States.

This is good to hear since many Americans may consider the fake news from China authentic.

H & H Managing Director Vivian Huo said that the deal was not brokered with Hong Kong and claimed, “We purchased the radio station ourselves and there is nothing to do with Phoenix.

She added, “We have a rental office in Phoenix building. That’s it.”

However, what if that is not “it.” What if this just an extension of the communist push which has all but been welcomed by the left to replace capitalism? This concern was voiced last month by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who said, “Influence operations are a form of information warfare. Covert propaganda and disinformation are among the primary weapons.”

If the programming of XEWW-AM is tainted by, or worse controlled by, the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese American community of Southern, California could be indoctrinated with CCP propaganda, and the American political and economic community could be damaged,” furthered a filing from FM station KQEV.

Today the Chinese government media’s presence can be seen everywhere in North America. It has systematically taken control of nearly all overseas Chinese language media, bought English-language radio and TV stations, hired hundreds of American journalists to do their bidding,” declared Lianchao Han, a former Senate aide who has studied China’s overseas influence operations.

He also said, “Phoenix TV’s recent purchase of XEWW through H&H Capital shows the regime continues to carry out this strategy of brainwashing people in the free world to endorse Beijing’s policy of global expansion and to re-write the current international rules and order.

So, what we have here is a nation that has not been properly taught in schools just what communism is and what it has done to places like the Soviet Union in the past. That lack of knowledge may now be mingled with lies pushed by the Chinese, who many in America welcome.

Suffice to say, the warnings from Donald Trump no longer seem paranoid at all.