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Russia Moves Through British Waters As Cold War 2.0 Rages On

Russia is showing their resolve to help Assad at seemingly ANY cost.

Cold War 2.0, even though President Donald Trump is trying to halt it, just got colder. The Sun is reporting that a pair of Russian warships have ventured into Gibraltar waters for combat exercises

It has been confirmed the “Royal Navy intercepted them in the English Channel,” a sign that Putin’s forces are being bold. The “missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov and anti-submarine destroyer Severomorsk sailed” right past the U.K.’s Navy as they headed with a purpose to the Mediterranean Sea. Once again, Putin was busted where he was not legally allowed to be, openly taunting one error that could spark a third world war.

This here is one of the reasons why the world may be a much better, more stable, and safe place to live if certain elements of the U.S. government and Deep State would stop pushing the false narrative about Russian collusion with Mr. Trump (likey a fairy tale) and let him do his job as it pertains to furthering peace with Putin.

The Russian ships are arriving to “bolster the Russian Navy’s operations supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad” in the nightmare of a Civil War which is happening there. It seems that while the world is busy accusing Assad of poisoning people (while offering no proof), Putin is sticking to his guns…literally.

It is very important to understand that even the U.S. government has never issued any proof that Assad conducted the illegal chemical attacks, only that they claim to have reason to believe it. Since the same ruse was used about many W.M.D in Iraq (when only a few are thought to have been there and/or the U.S. under George W. Bush waited too long to act), it is no wonder that Uncle Sam is not fully trusted in this assessment.

The goal of the warships is to conduct “combat training” and this was carried out in the Atlantic Ocean, according to news agency Tass.

A spokesman for the Northern Fleet also said, “The group of warships comprising the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov and the large anti-submarine warfare ship Severomorsk, performing long-distance voyage tasks, completed its passage through the narrowest part of the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday.”

Those onboard the Marshal Ustinov were tasked with testing their readiness “to employ weapons and technical capabilities” while those on the “Severomorsk carried out warfare tasks using a Kamov Ka-27 helicopter.” It is said that the Royal Navy “scrambled” to intercept the ships as they were on their way.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman added, “Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond shadowed two Russian warships overnight as they passed through the English Channel. The Portsmouth-based ship sailed from Dover to monitor the Russian destroyer Severomorsk and cruiser Marshal Ustinov as they passed through the UK’s area of interest.”

He said additionally, “HMS Diamond has spent the last month undertaking various duties around the UK as one of the Royal Navy’s high readiness escort ships. She is at 24 hours’ notice to react to any incident or tasking in or around British waters.”

While the U.S. may be wrong about both Russian collusion with Donald Trump and Assad’s involvement in killing his own people, they are not mistaken about Russia’s constant tendency to invade other country’s airspace and waters. This practice makes Putin one of the most irresponsible leaders in the modern world and places his folly on par with Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

Of course, most of this could likely be halted by the White House if the press and the accusing left would stop their lies long enough to let America’s rightfully chosen leader do his job.