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Russian Police Trap Terrorist Cell In House, What Happens Next Is Shocking

This house is full of terrorists and surrounded by police.

Sadly, Islamist have infiltrated every part of the world. Europe has seen a massive influx of Muslims, many disguised as refugees, and their countries have been overwhelmed. As we have seen too often, even in the past week in Barcelona, those “refugees” turn out to be terrorists. Russia has apparently not been unaffected, even the remote parts of it. A new video from the village of Psedach, which is in the Republic of Ingushetia, demonstrates this all too well.

The video, taken by a Russian national anti-terrorism committee, documents the shocking moment that a cell of Islamic terrorists is trapped in their home, surrounded by Russian police, and make the fateful decision to blow themselves up.

A pattern is found in the house that police believe is the flag of their group.

Local news reports say that the gang had been connected with the attempted murder of several police officers. The group had been tracked down to their home and Federal Security Service operatives quickly surround them. The four men inside are ordered to surrender.

When police searched the house, they found many weapons.

When they realize they are trapped with no way out, the terrorists begin firing at the officers who return fire. Using rifles, machine guns, and mortars, police rain fire down on the small hideout. Explosions can be seen in the video, likely from mortars, and the constant sound of gunfire is present. Then a sudden lull falls over the scene.

The explosion that rips through the house next is not the police. The group made the decision to blow up everything rather than turn themselves in. Fortunately, no police were injured in the explosion.

An anonymous officer stated;

“They were given an opportunity to give themselves up and to stay alive. They blew themselves up, committing suicide – which is forbidden in Islam.”

There were four men killed in the blast, one whose identity has not been released. Bekhan Soltukiev, 34, and Mikhail Cherbizhev, 31 were the two that police were pursuing in connection with the attacks on officers. The fourth man was named as Khasan Khatsiev.

Source: The Daily Mail