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San Juan Mayor Who Attacked Trump Under Investigation

Couldn't Cruz (pictured left) has guessed that accusing Mr. Trump could draw eyes on her own deeds?

Some very powerful people have been condemning President Donald Trump for every infraction that he has ever made from the bedroom to the boardroom, when they themselves are guilty of far worse in their own glass houses, as Town Hall has confirmed today. This latest black-eye relates to San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

After Hurricane Maria, the mayor called Donald Trump everything but a human being, and alleged that he was doing a terrible job in the storm’s aftermath. Stabs of racist corruption allegations were peppered in her remarks as well as in her demeanor, and now, the Epoch Times has reported that “corruption in San Juan prevented critical supplies from reaching Hurricane Maria victims.” The mayor famous for he “Nasty Woman” shirt has several others in hot water now with her.

It seems that it was not the “evil, racist, bigoted” Mr. Trump promptly signing the “$36.5 billion aid package for the nation” that let everyone down, after all. Both the administration of Cruz and her suppliers are being investigated as the finger of guilt seems to be pointing in a different direction than the White House.

This mayor had the gall to appear on CNN in a “Nasty Woman” shirt (a stab at Mr. Trump’s view of “Crooked” Hillary) and say, “On the one hand, he says he wants to help Puerto Rico. On the other hand, he imposed a 20% income tax on every good and service that comes from Puerto Rico into the United States. On the one hand, he says we will be with you for the long run. And on the other hand, the [Food and Drug Administration] is trying to convince pharmaceutical companies to leave Puerto Rico.”

Meanwhile, she is chin deep in corruption herself, which explains her desire for a fast delivery. “He says he cares and he came here and threw paper towels at us,” she whined at the time. “And on the other hand, he doesn’t provide his administration with a clear set of goals to help Puerto Rico.”

That whole statement is devoid of logic since it is not the president’s job to plan such things. FEMA, aid workers, various arms of the military, health officials, and others plan for those things every day. The job of the president is to make every avenue open for those workers to put the plans in action, not to pick up a pen and to pretend that he is a disaster recovery expert.

If anything, his job is to clear the road and get out of the way.

The investigation happened “after former procurement director Yadira Molina filed a lawsuit claiming she faced punishment for reporting illegal activities to the local comptroller,” the El Vocero de Puerto Rico has reported. Now, “several contractors” are also being looked into, as well.

The report spells it out by saying, “On February 21, Molina sued the city council after reporting alleged acts of corruption in the shopping division in the town hall under the administration of Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto.

It also states that Molina was stopped in her duty “to report wrongdoing in her capacity as a private citizen, not as a public employee.”

This is almost as sickening as when the Clinton’s lashed out at Mr. Trump for his handling of the disaster in light of how the Clinton Foundation is alleged to have taken a fortune from assistance funds in Haiti. To this day, the Clintons are loathed in the nation, a fact that is not true about Mr. Trump in most of Puerto Rico.

Looking back, Mr. Trump acted with great speed and stayed out of the way of the experts who arrived to help. He allowed them to do their jobs and they did splendidly. As a matter of fact, help came so quickly that some of the food sat rotting in dumpsters because there was not enough manpower to distribute it, an error from Cruz, not the White House.

Perhaps that was because she was too busy counting the money from contractors?