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Seattle Democrats Now Under Fire As They Force Voters To Donate Campaign Money

Jon Grant is one of the politicians cashing in on the new voucher program.

How much is too much to have to donate if you don’t agree with a person’s values? Some Seattle citizens believe they know, about $12 a year. That is how much the city’s democracy voucher program is costing the average homeowner. The program began this year and is the first in the United States. It is funded by a property tax worth approximately $30 million over 10 years.

Every resident who is registered to vote in Seattle received four $25 vouchers. The only people allowed to redeem them are candidates and they have to be signed over by voters. The candidate can then use the money to fund their campaign. What happens if you don’t support any of the candidates? That is the question being asked by Mark Elster.

Mark Elster is suing over the Democratic vouchers.

“It’s a clear violation of First Amendment rights. With free speech comes the right not to speak,” according to the man. He doesn’t want his money given to politics he doesn’t agree with. He and another citizen, supported by the Freedom Foundation, are suing to stop the program.

Another troubling aspect of the program is that while illegal immigrants can’t vote, they can receive vouchers. Why should taxpayers essentially give money to immigrants to throw at their candidate of choice?

Many politicians are happy though including Jon Grant. Approximately 95% of his $200,000 in donations are from vouchers. “I think what’s really exciting about this is every voter now has kind of a level playing field.”

Even illegal immigrants can get these.

The lawsuit has a long way to go but it would not be surprising to see more citizens join in. If people want to donate to candidates then they should be allowed to do so. However, disagreeing people or even those who know nothing about it, should not be forced to give even one dollar. Donations that are mandated are no longer donations.

Source: Fox News