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America’s Biggest Threat Now Revealed, And It Was Created From Within Our Own Government

General Mattis Poised To Strike With Overwhelming Aggression Of Action

Last Monday, on the 30th of January, Iran launched a novel ballistic missile test. The exercise was an evaluation of their long-range nuclear capabilities.

In swift response, the White House issued a sanction against 25 specific entities within the Middle Eastern country. Yet, such sanctions do nothing to resolve what the world just witnessed. A country that answers neither to the United States, nor the United Nations, now has the capability to destroy with overwhelming might.

Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism—they conspire against America in broad daylight, yet enjoyed a nuclear deal under Obama that will undoubtedly make it into history books as the ignition to global instability.

Lawmakers in America, complacent to take their $174,000 salary, fail to recognize that appeasement is the very policy that led not just America, but the entire world, to the greatest massacre of humanity ever before seen: World War II.

And yet, the prime lawmaker himself (now former) Barack Obama orchestrated the framework for a ‘negotiation’ that allowed Iran to begin “research and development on centrifuges with an agreed scope and schedule,” as outlined by the joint statement signed into effect on April 2nd, 2015.

The idea that a country such as Iran would behave in accordance with an “agreed [upon] scope and schedule” is not just ignorant—it’s traitorous.

But now, the full details of the secret deal have been revealed:

Obama provided Iran with the clearance to begin building nuclear ballistic missiles capable of destroying targets 2,000 miles away.

This is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘fake news’, and this isn’t CNN where we tell you that it’s illegal to inform yourself on political documents. No, this has been confirmed by the New York Post, brought to light by Journalist F.H. Buckley.

First off, how did Obama get away with the additional provisions that make up the private deal? They were not included as a part of the treaty—Obama argued the contrary. This forced Senator Corker (R) to call a veto (forced probably isn’t the right word; given the RINO behavior as of late, I wouldn’t put it past Corker to work with Obama), which was impossible given the 2/3 requirement. Had they been part of the original treaty, Obama would have been the one to require 2/3 approval; yet his knowledge of the legislative system allowed him to structure everything perfectly, thereby ushering approval of the provisions with ease.

Obama Defends His Stance To The United Nations

But why the number 2,000? When speaking at the negotiations, Iran demanded that their missiles have the ability to strike all of Israel. Obama, and every single other country leader in attendance of the 6-party meeting (Germany, France, China, Russia, Britain) agreed, giving in to Iran’s wishes. As long as no harm could befall the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Iran was free to begin immediate construction.

By now, I could end the article and this would already be enough evidence for any normal American to conclude that at the very least, Obama acted with reckless intentions. That isn’t even the beginning of it, though.

The ‘Shahab missile’ was the missile Obama approved for construction—this is a medium-range missile. Yet, the Iranian missile that was launched during the most-recent test wasn’t one of those. No, it was a long-range ‘Khorramshahr missile’ with capabilities of 2,500-5,000 miles. That is enough distance to reach all of Europe.

Add 500 more miles to that, and the missiles would have the capability to reach Boston and all of the Eastern Coast of the United States:

“The new missiles have a range of 2,500 to 5,000 miles and could easily reach all of Europe. Add a range of another 500 miles and that includes Boston. At the same time that we gave Iran the green light for its nuclear program, we gave it the means to attack us.”

Adding gasoline to the already raging bonfire of treason, Obama and the UN Security Council worked to pass Resolution 2231, which postulated that, “Iran is called upon not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons.” In essence, Obama told Iran that as long as they didn’t intend to create nuclear missiles to harm others, they could perform any amount of ballistic missile testing.

Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor To President Trump

Michael Flynn, the US National Security Advisor to President Trump, holds that the Iranian missile test is a violation of the Security Council resolution.

But while his comments are correct, they do nothing to justify what has happened here. The actions that have now come to light reveal an effort by establishment, globalist elites to destroy the framework of America’s foreign policy—all in an effort to kiss the feet of those who seek to destroy every western value they can get their hands on.

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