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Senator Schumer Being Investigated For Ties To Pennsylvania Man, Terrorist Network That Led Coup

Senator Chuck Schumer

Turkey has now launched an investigation into 17 Americans, including the well-known Democrat firebrand Senator Chuck Schumer.

The offense? Supposedly, Schumer was involved in a failed coup that attempted to overthrow Turkish President Erdogan.

CIA Director John Brennan and ex-CIA Deputy David Cohen are also named within the allegations.

Obama’s CIA Diretor John Brennan, Who Served From March 2013 To January 2017

The attempted coup on July 15th of 2016 was the bloodiest in Turkey’s history: a section of their military diverted tanks and drove them into the streets, firing bombs on Ankara and Istanbul. The coup was ousted by Erdogan’s loyalists, but resulted in 241 deaths and 2,194 injuries.

The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office located in Istanbul is reportedly reviewing meetings that took place between July 15 and July 17. If meetings did take place, they occurred during the precise date of the coup—quite the coincidence.

Furthermore, a Pennsylvania-based Muslim cleric by the name of Fethullah Gulen is believed to be the “mastermind” of the failed military takeover. He will also be investigated, along with the possibility of any ties between him and any of the 17 Americans.

Fethullah Gulen

Even more, Press TV includes that all individuals involved in the official investigation are “suspected of having links to what Turkey entitled FETO, an alleged terrorist network.”

FETO is ran by Fethullah Gulen–this would implicate that the involved Americans knowingly worked with an Islamic terrorist network.

It’s clear Turkish investigators want to make sure there are no relevant ties. After Reuters revealed that 161 police and civilians were included in the death report, they have set their eyes on revealing the truth.

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