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Senators Move Swiftly On Congressional Floor: Bill To Cut Legal Immigration In Half

Senator Cotton, The Man With The Plan

Immigration is now a hot topic, especially given the new Administration’s approach to dealing with the issue. On top of Trump’s now-legendary Executive Order to restrict travel from terror-laden countries (it isn’t a ‘Muslim Bar’–if it was, there would be at least 40 more countries on that list), is a bill in Congress that aims to curb legal immigration by 50% over the next decade.

If the bill continues, and makes it through the final approval stages of the legislative system, it would undoubtedly be one of the largest changes to the immigration system that the United States has seen in several Presidencies. While refugees are responsible for the newfound spotlight aimed at immigration, the fact remains that unsustainable migration policies have only led to decreased American economic vigor.

And while many people like to argue that refugees and immigrants only perform work that ‘Americans don’t want to do,’ it’s simply untrue. One blistering example is Silicon Valley’s H-1B Visa program that allows large corporations to pay dirt wages to immigrants. These are technical jobs being stolen by immigrants who are quick to accept pennies for otherwise high-valued American labor. The irony? Facebook and Google have been outspoken about Trump’s newest migration policies, yet live in their Silicon bubble, exploiting immigrants based on their visa status.

Indeed, it is tech companies that benefit so heavily from foreign-based engineers who come to America seeking a better life. These companies lobby, spending millions to keep the current broken visa laws in place, claiming there is a “talent shortage” among Americans. In reality, their actions work to destroy the American job market and do nothing but hinder Trump’s goal to “win, win, win” when it comes to American prosperity.

Currently, the laws established under Obama allow for an immigration system where top state officials encourage employers to hire foreign talentThese are the “poor deals” that Trump so fervently revered to on the campaign trail. These policies take effort and intelligence to understand though, and most political ‘activists’ are simply poised to stir hate and spread violence.

Senator David Purdue from Georgia and Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas are the men responsible for introducing the new proposal to cut immigration. They site hard statistics that show over the past recent years, America’s population has risen sharply, but only through the help of immigrants flooding in.

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The bill centers around limiting new citizenship only to family members of existing Americans. On top of that though, the bill would remove the ‘immigration lottery’ that was passed into law in 1990, which awards 50,000 visas at random to refugees from all around the world.

Notably though, the best part of the bill is probably the cap they’ve set at 50,000–not a single more is to be allowed into the U.S. for any given year. It is a reasonable number that would allow for logical levels of assimilation. When a large group of foreigners enter a new country, they can have a dramatic impact on the already ever-present way of life. This is unfair not only to Americans who live here, but to the refugees who will lose out on the opportunity to enjoy a true American experience that has not already been castrated by extreme levels of migrants looking to change the fabric of our culture.

While effective policy makers in Washington like Purdue and Cotton work hard to provide constructive solutions, those on the left race-bait to their economic, social, and political advantage. A shift in policy is now occurring in America, though, and it’s all weighted towards the Right. Democrats will be expected to comply, or be left standing in the tracks of the Trump train charging America to restore the values that made our country great to begin with.

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