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Student “Flag” Demonstration Causes School Shut Down After Liberals Explode

Many students want their heritage honored.

The Confederate Flag stood for a lot more than slavery, and people in the South and elsewhere are getting pretty fed up with others not understanding that fact. The Rebel Flag stands for the right to leave the union (should it become abusive) and the right to fair tax codes, as well. It seems that some students at Bay City Public Schools know this bit of history and they were not afraid to make it known, as the Seattle Times revealed today.

Superintendent Stephen Bigelow told the Bay City Times that he felt as though a “potential threat” was posed by “a central Michigan high school where students parked their pickup trucks adorned with Confederate flags outside for two days.” Perhaps those flying the flags felt that the ripping down of countless Confederate monuments was a “potential threat” and they were simply voicing their extreme dissatisfaction.

Bigelow “canceled classes Thursday at Bay City Western High” after he grew worried that the students would be confronted. It has been reported that “unsubstantiated” rumors existed that threats from outside the district were being made.

On Tuesday, trucks either flying the Southern Flag or had it painted on their bodies showed up, refusing to be silenced. On Wednesday, others joined them.

The students “were met by a counter-demonstration against racism and bigotry” for their actions. The Auburn school had no reports of violence over the matter.

Basically, that means that both sides must have at least been civil towards one another. The belief that everyone who flies a Rebel Flag is a bigot is no different than assuming that everyone who wears a rock n’ roll t-shirt with a demon on it is Satanic.

There are a lot of details involved in why the flag is flown that often has nothing to do with the South’s stance on slavery or race relations.

Those who were drafted into the Confederate Army had no choice in the matter, either. Families don’t want to see their fallen forefathers forgotten over a matter that ended when the Civil War concluded.

While classes can be canceled, the fact of the matter is that this issue needs to be debated openly. Everyone needs to be allowed to speak without being called a racist when it happens, too.

If not, some students have trucks that are quite capable of speaking for them.