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Supreme Court Just Came Through With The Announcement To END Liberals

President Trump has finally been rewarded for his desire to protect America.

On the last day of the Supreme Court’s term, they have made a decision that will save the lives of many American citizens. The added perk, it will also drive liberals insane.

The Supreme Court just issued a ruling allowing parts of President Trump’s travel ban to be put into effect. The left has been fighting this with all they have, even recruiting corrupt judges to assist them. Their disruption partially ends today.

The court has essentially limited the injunctions placed on the order by the lower courts. The results are a temporary ban for citizens of the six Muslim-majority nations listed in President Trump’s executive order. People who can show a legitimate connection to the United States will be exempt. This includes foreigners with family in the U.S., students who have already been admitted to universities, and workers with pre-existing job offers.

The left will be very unhappy that the travel ban finally found a constitutional court.

Other than those exclusions, citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, are forbidden from entering the United States. If it follows Trump’s March executive order, the ban will continue for 90 days. It will also include a 120-day restriction on any refugees from anywhere in the world.

This crucial ruling will allow President Trump and his administration time to look at vetting procedures and seek out rules to protect America long-term. This will be a welcome relief to the majority of citizens who supported this executive order in some form. People are understandably scared with all the recent terror attacks. A moratorium on entry into the U.S., even a temporary one, provides a much-needed safety net.

The ruling from the Supreme Court is a per curiam one, which simply means there was no specific justice identified as the author of the opinion. Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch all wrote separate briefs of support though.

Arguments for a more permanent solution will begin in October when the court reconvenes. By then, the administration should have compiled the proof needed to convince the Supreme Court to continue down this road.

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