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Supreme Court Refuses To Take On California 10-Day Waiting Period

Those who deal in guns are greatly let down by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is an interesting monster because there are some strongly left minded people like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who would savor the idea of taking the Second Amendment and turning it into confetti. However, her pledge and role as a judge is to rule on what the Constitution says, not what someone (anyone) wishes that it said.

The Washington Times reports that the nation’s highest court “declined to take up a case challenging a California law requiring a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases.” This could be a sign that they are avoiding the topic like death itself since it is such a very hot-button issue in the weeks following the tense Florida shooting and the Las Vegas concert incident.

The law of the land is not unclear on the matter, however, It states that the right to bear arms is not to be infringed upon.

In light of this, the “9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the waiting period” will stand as is, at least for the time being. The main problem here is that those who already own a firearm or who have a concealed carry permit should not be forced to wait, according to many gun groups.

In a 14 page dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas said that his “continued inaction” on the matter shows that the court does not care about the Second Amendment as much as they do the others.

If a lower court treated another right so cavalierly, I have little doubt that this Court would intervene,” wrote Thomas. “But as evidenced by our continued inaction in this area, the Second Amendment is a disfavored right in this Court.

The courts have bounced this issue back and forth as one judge may find it constitutional only for another to rule that it is not. On any given day, just selling a weapon may be illegal only to be legal months later once again.

This is why many citizens, even though it may not be what the government wants to accept, refuse to register or even tell of purchases to the U.S. government.

There is a growing concern that, as Thomas has shown, our leaders even on the Supreme Court do not take our right to bear arms seriously.

That means that those who do will have to protect the right anyway that they peacefully can.

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