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Supreme Court To Hear Arguments Over Illegal Immigrant Detention

The Supreme Court is going to decide how long the "gap" should be.

It seems so very hard to believe, but America has some kind of huge problem with deporting those who have no business being in the country, particularly illegal immigrant criminals. The Washington Examiner reports today that the Supreme Court is to decide if anyone undocumented “convicted of a crime is exempt from mandatory detention during removal proceedings if he isn’t immediately detained by the immigration authorities after he is released from criminal custody.

This stems from the fact that the White House appealed a ruling that came down from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which sided with the illegal aliens in the matter! This “gap of custody” case is causing even the Supreme Court to take notice.

Mony Preap from Columbia and Palestinian immigrant, Bassam Yusuf Khoury, both were found guilty of crimes. After being released from custody for a number of years, they were detained by ICE. What those pining for the illegal aliens fail to grasp is the fact that if they are illegal, then regardless of why they are detained or how long it may take to detain them, they need to be shown the door.

Federal laws say that an illegal may be detained “when the alien is released,” and it does not put a time limit on it.

The Trump administration has said in their petition that what San Francisco courts have done makes it so that “many criminal aliens will become exempt from mandatory custody for a reason — a gap in custody — that is ‘irrelevant for all other immigration purposes’ and” often beyond the control of the DHS.

Trump also added, “Moreover, some significant portion of criminal aliens who obtain bond hearings will be released on bond then will flee or reoffend, thereby causing precisely the problems Congress enacted [the statute] to prevent.

Why is it so very hard for the left to understand that if someone is here because they snuck in or otherwise are undocumented, they should be rounded up and forced out of the nation until they can take the time to apply legally?

If this simple to understand precept was understood, a great many problems would vanish almost overnight.

The trouble is, democrats have an ever-dwindling voting block and illegals are their ace in the hole for future votes. So, they are willing to sacrifice the economy, everyone’s safety, and even the U.S. Constitution in order to accomplish their goal.

Thankfully, Mr. Trump is there to halt their progress at every turn.