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Suspect Arrested After Military Installations, CIA, And FBI Receive Potentially Dangerous Packages

The suspect has been arrested and the parcels are being checked.

Even though the domestic terrorist who was causing malice in Texas has been stopped (by blowing himself up), there are others who use the post office/delivery services to nefarious ends who are still among us. As USA Today revealed, one such person has been found “in connection with sending multiple packages to government facilities.”

Forty-three-year-oldĀ Thanh Cong Phan of Everett, Washington, was the man arrested shortly before midnight Monday. Similar in nature to the Texas bombings, five packages with “potential destructive devices” were mailed to the “District of Columbia area military installations and the CIA,” the FBI has confirmed.

That agency has found that the parcels “appeared to be sent by the same individual.”

Each package was studied (and in this case turned out to be safe) but they are being kept for further study. This is “because other packages could have been sent to other locations in Washington,” the FBI also said in a statement.

A list of places where packages were sent to was reported as, “the CIA in Langley, Va.; Fort Belvoir, Va.; Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington; Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington; and Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va.”

It all may be connected since there were”four bombings in Austin since March 2 killed two people and wounded four.” Then a fifth suffered injuries when a detonation at a FedEx location took place.

Law enforcement often can do no more than wait for the bombmakers to make enough bombs that they leave enough “footprints” for forensics and others to study and link together. There is a moral failing that is allowing for a large number of these sorts of terroristic acts accruing, also. This is a matter that is rarely addressed.

It can be hoped that now that as the noose has closed on those who had imagined that they could get away with such sadistic deeds that this will cause those who would be inclined to copy them to think twice before doing so.

As America seems to be getting used to all manner of hatred and vileness, it remains to be seen if this is to be the case or not.