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Swedish Woman Braves Authorities To Tell The Truth About Migrant Crisis

A brave woman.Anna speaks the facts and does not back down.

For some reason, a man, his wife, and their now famous cat are looked at as paragons of truth. They run a site called Snopes that people seem to think is some kind of marvelous gatekeeper of facts, even with Soros ties, as exposed by the Conservative Daily Post. People choose to trust Snopes so that they can be lazy and not fact check themselves, they have never earned that trust.

This is highlighted by the fact that Snopes claims that the rape allegations in Sweden are overstated even as attacks continue to pour in (like refugees) and the nation is ruined. A report from Anna in Sweden tells the real truth, and it is not a pleasant story.

Anna starts by addressing refugees and those wishing to come to the E.U. and Sweden. She claims to live by the motto that “if you see something, say something,” and she has “something to say to you guys [refugees].”

Listen up,” she says as she lists the endless number of things that the E.U. is expected to pay for like housing, schooling, food, etc, “you will be put into an asylum here, if you are lucky, with ten other people.”

If you are “unlucky, you will live in this place with 400 other people who you don’t know. You will sit in this center for up to four years.”

From there, Anna goes to the cold hard facts that the owners of Snopes seem to have missed while petting their cat. After saying that these centers house people who have done horrible things, she addresses the rape facts.

In this center, if you are a woman, you will probably be raped. If you have children, they will probably be raped. You will be abused, they will treat you like sh*t!” warns Anna.

She also tells them that there are no jobs waiting for them, not much money will be there since the system is over taxed, and that sexual assault is so bad that they can not even go to the swimming po0ls any longer.

Enough already.

This is what Sweden is becoming known for.

She warns that there is no housing for the people there already, also, so there is no nice dwelling or large free home waiting for them.

After that, Anna calls them out and says the world owes them NOTHING, much less their special diet.

She has a lot more to say, too. The whole video is full of facts for anyone who wants to know just what some of those in “need” are doing to Sweden.

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