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Syrian President Assad Heads To North Korea

No one is sure why Kim Jong-un wants to meet with the Syrian leader.

North Korea was thought to have worked with Iran in their quest for nuclear acquisition and improved weapons technologies. Since Iran detests the United States and has often dreamed of nuclear obliteration befalling America, this was quite worrisome. The BBC has reported that eyebrows are raised once again as “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad plans to make a state visit to North Korea.”

Is Assad, a possible war criminal, going to really be the first head of state hosted by N.K. since 2011? Even if the chemical attacks were not the work of this Islamic leader (there is no proof of it), Assad is certainly not the flagship leader to choose at this time. The eyes of the world are on the Hermit Kingdom and even though President Donald Trump is set to meet later this month, this is quite a confusing step from an already confusing nation. The intent of this meeting has the internet swirling with rumors.

Syria is an ally of the D.P.R.K., so on that front, the meeting is not odd. However, both nations have been accused of working on chemical weapons together, an accusation that both nations deny.

While no date has been set for the meeting, Assad boasted, “I am going to visit [North Korea] and meet Kim Jong-un.” This was stated after Syria’s leader “received the credentials of North Korean ambassador Mun Jong-nam.” Kim may be the only person who Assad could possibly meet who has killed more of his own people (confirmed) than Assad is alleged to have done.

The Syrian leader did give words of encouragement and proclaimed that he was certain that Kim Jong-un would “achieve the final victory and realize the reunification of Korea without fail.” That particular choice of words, to those who study the state media in North Korea, is very close to what the news anchors are forced to say when broadcasting.

Therefore, it reeks of pandering. After all, he gave no credit whatsoever to Mr. Trump or South Korea’s Moon.

All of this is worthy of worry because the BBC reminds everyone that the “North established diplomatic relations with Syrian in 1966 and sent troops and weapons during the Arab-Israeli war in October 1973.” The very last thing that the already troubled Middle East needs is meddling against the Jews from a fat dictator who also has a history of loathing the United States.

The United Nations has found that “materials including acid-resistant tiles, valves, and pipes that could be used to make chemical weapons” were sent to Syria in at least 40 shipments from N.K.

It is good to see the despot talking to both China and South Korea, rather than only with the communists. Still, plans exist to meet with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, so perhaps Kim wants to shake the hands of everyone as his nation emerges from their shell. If that is all that is taking place, so be it, but North Korea is not a nation that has earned much trust on the world stage in the last fifty years.

Hopefully, Mr. Trump will be open to ending the drills and war games that take place on Korean shores. Certainly, if he is allowed to remain in power (after slaughtering so many families), Kim Jong-un deserves to not have war games designed to take him out happening on his own land.

By the same token, he can’t expect the U.S. to not drill with South Korea as it pertains to China, a sad fact that Kim is just going to have to accept.

With friends his ear like Assad, will he be able to understand this? No one knows.