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Tanks On Our Streets? One Of America’s Most Basic And Vital Protections To Be Stripped

This should never be a common sight on American streets.

Most of the things that President Donald Trump have done have been a smashing success, something that the media wishes to hide, Rather, they point to his failures. We have over 1 million new jobs in 8 months, for instance. The T.P.P. is gone, the borders are tight, deportations are up, and the economy is humming along at numbers that Obama only dreamed of.

Then again, to be honest, the attack on Syria was a letdown to some of us. Likewise, when U.S.A. Today reported this morning that “the Trump administration is preparing to lift a controversial ban on the transfer of some surplus military equipment to police departments,” liberty lovers shuddered, and with good reason.

We are told that this “would roll back an Obama administration executive order that blocked armored vehicles, large-caliber weapons, ammunition and other heavy equipment from being re-purposed from foreign battlefields to America’s streets.”

This is NOT good news, Americans.

We the people are protected by what is known as the Posse Comitatus Act. As the CATO Institute so accurately points writes, this act “restricts the government’s ability to use the U.S. military as a police force” and prevents our government from being able to ever engage in the kinds of things that other nations like China (remember the man standing in front of the tank?) and the Soviet Union have done to their citizenry.

When our government undermines this act by allowing the police to have military equipment, it tips the balance of power away from the population in a way that defies logical Constitutional precepts and puts us all in grave danger.

Is allowing our police to resemble our military a good idea? Especially in a time where the 2nd Amendment is so disrespected?

Even if Mr. Trump never abuses it and under his leadership and even if it is never allowed to be abused by police right now, so what? Trump shall not be president forever and who knows what future leaders will do with this terrible power?

The president doesn’t oversee each use of these once they are allowed into many cities, too. This must also be remembered.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is to speak to the nations largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, and is expected to outline getting rid of one of the only good things to come from Obama’s presidency.

The new program’s summary even says, “the full scope of a longstanding program for recycling surplus, lifesaving gear from the Department of Defense, along with restoring the full scope of grants used to purchase this type of equipment from other sources.”

This should be of great concern to everyone and calls of protest should flood the office of Mr. Sessions. If anyone finds that adding the words “life-saving gear” onto a terrible iron glove for government to beat us with at their whim is something that fools them into accepting the undermining of Posse Comitatus, then said person has not read history nor our founding documents.

The reason that things like this Tia-min Square incident (pictured) can not happen in the U.S.A. is because of the Posse Comitatus Act which now faces undermining.

Assets that would otherwise be scrapped can be repurposed to help state, local and tribal law enforcement better protect public safety and reduce crime,” the summary also says. However, what is crime? Whatever they say it is. Thoughts of crack cocaine and rape come to mind, but let us employ reason here.

In an age where the terrorists of ANTIFA get all but embraced by the media, conservatives can’t even have a monetized YouTube account, and pop singers talk about killing Trump supporters, can we trust our police with these military weapons in the long term?

Sorry, Mr. Trump, but the answer is “no.”

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