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Terrorist Riding A Harley Davidson Versus Army A-10 Warthog

This killer likely never had time to blink before it was all over.

While the Bible is quite clear on how the battle of David and Goliath played out, that was an act of God that allowed it to happen. Occurrences like that are called “miracles” for a reason. The truth is, life usually goes quite bad for the “Davids” of the world. This even more so when the part of “David” is being played by a God-forsaking ISIS terrorist.

A Daesh radical found this out firsthand when he took a Harley Davidson motorcycle meandering up a dirt road as a U.S. A-10 Thunderbolt locked into his location and put a quick stop to the killer’s progress.

As the bike moves up the screen, it almost resembles a video game as the target symbol moves over the screen to lock the Islamic butcher in.

From there, what looks like an eruption of dirt leaps from the ground as the weapon is unleashed. The terrorist most likely did not even have time to jump or to become startled before he was talking to Allah.

A cloud quickly envelopes what little is left of the Muslim killer and the video is enhanced to show some features of the actual action instead of just a blur of motion and chaos.

A Thunderbolt (pictured) made short work of a terrorist on a motorcycle.

There are a number of these videos coming out which need to be seen by everyone who may be finding that their sympathies lie with not only America’s enemies but the enemies of humanity as a whole. Death can come quite quickly and without warning to those who bring misery and pain to others in the name of Isam.

The A-10 Thunderbolt is one of the most deadly and accurate weapons that the United States has and it is clear just how effective it is at hitting actively moving targets, too.

The only sad part about the video is that a really nice motorcycle seems to have been destroyed without hope of repair.


Source: American Military News