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Texas Teacher Of The Year Ends In Disgrace As One Student Comes Forward With Truth

Isaac Aldaco turned himself into police on Friday.

The wave of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students has become a sad trend around the United States. The latest comes after 34-year-old Isaac Aldaco turned himself in on Friday afternoon. He will be facing charges of indecency with a child and having an improper teacher-student relationship.

Aldaco had been on police radar for some time. Police have revealed that an investigation began in January after the fine arts teacher resigned from his position at San Felipe-Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District in Texas. He had been working at Dr. Lonnie Green Elementary School and was allegedly involved in four separate incidents with students.

The investigation findings had been turned over to a grand jury. At least one charge resulted in an indictment. In a disturbing twist, Aldaco was awarded the school’s Teacher of the Year Award in May 2016.

Aldaco was Teacher of the Year in 2016.

It is not just male teachers abusing female students either. Teddy Stick recently reported on a married teacher in New Jersey who adopted a former student with the alleged intentions of having him around to abuse every day. Witnesses say the two were close while the 15-year-old was in school and the relationship developed from there. There are text messages of the boy trying to break it off and the woman refusing

As the world becomes more dangerous, parents have the difficult job of teaching their children who to trust. It used to be common place to list a child’s teacher among those select few. Now that is becoming off limits as well. Schools are either not doing a good job of doing background checks or more adults are believing this is acceptable behavior.

Aldaco is currently being held on $275,000 bond. The details what exactly happened to his students will become known as the trial progresses.

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