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Tillis Brings Hard Questions To Senate Democrats Over Kavanaugh

Tillis (pictured) was not shy about asking the hard questions.

The circus that is the testimony concerning Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser just got even testier today. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) attacked the Senate Judiciary Democrats for not participating in the G.O.P investigation regarding sexual assault allegations which have haunted the judge, as The Daily Caller confirmed.

We were moving heaven and Earth and even moving the schedule to get to the truth. We are doing an investigation. We’re doing our best. I hope that the American people who are watching this will go out to the Senate Judiciary website and take a look at this chronology,” stated Tillis in a video that has been making rounds on the internet.

It would seem to some that the investigation demands were fake and the G.O.P is proving a lie in the open. Notwithstanding, the GOP did agree to a week’s delay.

He added boldly, “Take a look at the lack of investigation on the part of the people who want the investigation, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Every opportunity you have to go and question a witness, every opportunity that we’ve had to find more truth and to find more facts, we have done it. It’s documented. We’ve got sworn statements. We are doing our job, we’re doing the committee work.

Tillis concluded by saying, “I would tell you to pound the table with your ranking member and leadership on your side to say, why didn’t we ask questions? Why didn’t we listen in and defer? Why didn’t we do our part in the investigation while this leader did everything he could to accommodate Dr. Ford and to run down every single lead that has been presented to us. Weeks after it was known to the minority.

Yesterday, Judge Kavanaugh was heard giving an often tear-filled testimony with words which he wrote himself the day before he faced the world. His habit of keeping a diary in his calendar books was a family tradition that the judge had picked up from his father, and all of the people mentioned in his writings add up, according to those mentioned in the logs.

Furthermore, there is no proof that Mr. Kavanaugh attended any such party during the summer of 1982 similar to the one who Christine Blasey Ford, his accuser, said that he did.

This detail matters since the weekends in the judge’s book all line-up to what those cited in his writings from that time period recall. So, he could not have been where he had witnesses each weekend on those days and been attacking Ms. Ford at the same time.

It should be remembered that it is quite easy for experts to tell how old a calendar is and when it was printed. Handwriting experts, likewise, can spot a forgery from 100 yards away, not to mention that the judge could not have crafted lies for 36 years of his life in daily logs in 2 weeks and still have the witness testimonies all match. That is, after all, the time that he had to prepare after the allegations.

Also, there are no weekends where the judge is said to have been alone or not with anyone, so at this point, it is hard for many people who have followed this case to find a time period when it was possible for the crime to have happened.

So, as Tillis has asked, what took everyone so long to say something and where are the Democrats for this investigation into the answers?