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Trans Inmate Wins Massive Lawsuit As “Essential Medical Care” In Question, Prison Lost

Michalle Wright sued the Oregon Department of Corrections and won.

Michalle Wright is a transgender inmate serving five years for attempted robbery in Oregon. He is transitioning to a female and sued the Oregon Department of Corrections, claiming he was denied “essential medical care” relating to that process.

The ACLU represented the plaintiff and won. Now $100,000 of the $267,500 award will be lining the lawyers’ pockets. So now the state of Oregon gets to pay to house the criminal, pay for his elective surgery, pay his “damages,” AND pay for the ACLU lawyers. How is this fair for the law-abiding citizens of Oregon?

Matt dos Santos was one of Wright’s lawyers. He will likely be well-paid.

The ACLU has released a statement announcing their victory and describing how the client was mistreated;

“Although she identified as transgender, she was unable to begin hormone therapy prior to her incarceration. According to the complaint filed just over a year ago, Wright was denied medical care despite submitting nearly 100 requests. Facing repeated denials of care, she attempted suicide multiple times and also attempted to castrate herself.”

The statement also claims that “Attorneys Ed Reeves, Kennon Scott, and Samantha Sondag of Stoel Rives LLP represented Wright pro bono along with Mat dos Santos and Kelly Simon of the ACLU of Oregon.” Considering the ACLU is getting $100,000, those “pro bono” attorneys probably are receiving that.

However, their long explanation neglects to mention Wright’s long criminal past though. When the ACLU wrote “she was unable to begin hormone therapy prior to her incarceration,” perhaps they were referring to the four years Wright spent being arrested and charged with a “variety of offenses,” mostly related to meth and petty crimes. Most of the charges ended up being dismissed. Perhaps Wright was just trying to land himself in jail where the state could pay for all of this.

Source: The Gateway Pundit