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Transgender Activists Raising Money To Ensure Their Agenda Wins The Race

Danica Roem has a well-funded candidacy.

According to some sources, one of the most important legislative races with take place in Virginia this fall. The Republican candidate is Bob Marshall but it is the Democratic candidate that has people worried, Danica Roem, formerly Daniel Anthony Roem.

The Breakthrough Fund, launched just last week, is a political action committee (PAC) run by transgender activists for transgender candidates. They are supporting Roem.

Bob Marshall may lose simply because he hasn’t raised as much money.

The group began with $60,000 to spend on four races, including Roem’s. Their goal is to raise another $120,000 before Election Day. The PAC is connected with the group Trans United Fund.

Not surprisingly, the liberal media is lending a hand with some free advertising. The Washington Post ran several articles about Roem’s platform. Their message was that Roem’s campaign isn’t about promoting transgenderism. Cosmopolitan also featured the trans candidate and a by-line of how her win would make President Trump angry.

This headline and byline in Cosmopolitan were designed to use President Trump.

All of this has helped to give Roem a five-to-one financial edge over opponent Bob Marshall. In addition, other far-left organizations such as the LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign will be contributing as well. This clearly leaves Roem with an advantage that Marshall will be hard pressed to overcome. It also allows the Democrat leeway to make herself sound a little more moderate, which will likely fool some. She said in one interview;

“No matter what you look like, where you come from or who you love … we can do that with low taxes and progressive social policies. Virginia is uniquely situated to be the best of all worlds, and I want to do my best to make that happen.”

Source: Conservative HQ