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Trump Donates Quarterly Salary To Veterans

Always happy to help, Mr. Trump has donated his quarterly earnings once again.

President Donald Trump had planned to take $1 for his job as leader of the U.S., an amount demanded by law. As it turns it, it seems that the law demands that $100,000 be paid to the president quarterly. In the past, Mr. Trump has donated this money (as promised) to parks, secondary education, and now the Department of Veterans Affairs, as the Hill has confirmed.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said that the money is going towards “V.A. caregiver programs.” She also clarified that each of the president’s quarterly payments are destined for the coffers of “important causes” as the Commander in Chief keeps his pledge to make no profit for serving. All of this is taking place as his haters and dissenters are stunned by his actions.

Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie was at the press conference where the donation was announced and was present to accept the gift. The secretary said that the money will go to “mental health and peer support programs, financial aid, and research” that will be of benefit to America’s veterans.

The president’s gift underscores his promise to do all he can for vets, which includes supporting those who care for veterans. Not just those of us at VA, but the husbands, the wives, the families and the community caregivers who are out there day in and day out,” Wilkie proclaimed.

There is no full-time director at the agency at this time.

The past VA Secretary David Shulkin was fired by Mr. Trump in March. Adm. Ronny Jackson was then nominated to replace him but has faced “improper behavior” allegations which have hampered his rise. That issue is still playing out.

In the past, Donald Trump has given his earnings to “the Transportation Department, the Health and Human Services Department for the opioid epidemic, the National Park Service and the Education Department.” His kindness will be a help to many people who are in need or who are doing great work.

When Mr. Trump began the race, it was asked of him what he would do with his earnings since he was worth billions of dollars already. “I don’t need it [the money], I don’t want it, ” he answered. The pledge that he made is the pledge that he has kept.

The law may have required him to accept more than he was aware of, but the outcome has been the same.

Now the question remains; who gets the boon next quarter?