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Trump Exposes Facebook’s Apparent Bigotry In New Lawsuit

President Trump (pictured left) and H.U.D. leader Ben Carson (pictured right) plan to do something to stop the mistreatment of minorities by Facebook.

Some political pundits have suggested that, even though Facebook is a private company, they can’t refuse to allow someone to speak freely any more than Fed Ex can refuse to pick up a package because they don’t like the sender. President Donald Trump may agree, at least depending on how new information from the Bizpac Review is interpreted.

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump erupted on social media about “Silicon Valley’s tech giants for censoring conservative voices,” but hours before, he did more than complain about the injustice, his administration filed what is being called “a bombshell suit against” against none other than Facebook. Discrimination is alleged by the White House and the facts seem to back that allegation up.

The complaint was filed on Friday in federal court. “The Department of Housing and Urban Development accused Facebook of violating the Fair Housing Act,” and the details are rather unsettling.

As if written by a Black Lives Matter activist, Donald Trump flipped the script on his haters and showed how “Facebook enables advertisers to control which users receive housing-related ads based upon the recipient’s race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, disability, and/or zip code.

The lawsuit also alleges that “Facebook then invites advertisers to express unlawful preferences by offering discriminatory options, allowing them to effectively limit housing options for these protected classes under the guise of ‘targeted advertising.

All of that legalise is summed up by Bizpac as: “if a landlord wants to block his or her housing ads on Facebook from being seen by potential black tenants, he or she may.” According to H.U.D., that is discrimination, snowflakes.

If Mr. Trump is a racist, it certainly is not showing in this action, to put it mildly.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination including those who might limit or deny housing options with a click of a mouse,” said María Farías, HUD’s Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. “When Facebook uses the vast amount of personal data it collects to help advertisers to discriminate, it’s the same as slamming the door in someone’s face.”

This, of course, “is the same thing Facebook and other social media entities have been doing to conservatives,” as the White House noted in a number of tweets. The Atlantic has observed that this was allowed in 2016 when President Obama, the supposed social justice hero, did nothing to curb it.

Somehow, those opposed to Mr. Trump still managed to side against him, even when he is standing up for leftist causes and basic fair treatment for minorities. The Bizpac article if full of them. One Twitter user, C McDonald posted, “The king of housing discrimination charges discrimination? Give me a break!” for example.

If that were true, then why would the president even shed light on it now? After all, it wasn’t like very many people were aware of the issue or talking about it.

Maybe Mr. Trump just feels that it is wrong. Perhaps he also feels that the company pretending to be some beacon of truth and social justice needs to be exposed for the bigots that they are. He did promise to be a good president even to those who did not pull the lever for him (and likely won’t again in 2020).

…and let’s face it, when it comes to matters of real estate and where people live, Trump knows the game. Facebook, therefore, never had a prayer of pulling this off unnoticed.