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Trump Gets Slammed With More Lawsuits, Two Involve Illegals Being Arrested At Court

Why is America expected to just open the borders to anyone?

The more illegal aliens that America has, the lower wages drop for everyone of every race who is here legally. Violence climbs to the clouds when the borders are erased, too, but don’t try telling any of those facts to the so-called “immigrant-rights activists” who are suing President Donald Trump for enforcing the law, as the Washington Times reports.

The courts are to be clogged with this nonsense as “three new lawsuits filed on Thursday alone” are being pushed against the Department of Homeland Security and the president. These join dozens which have already been filed, too. The most ironic part of this that immigrants who are not here legally do not have the rights that citizens and those here legally do. Those rights, as the Constitution says, are for Americans and legal dwellers.

The lawsuit wants to make it so that “deportation officers stop arresting illegal immigrants at courthouses,” which is pure folly. The suit demands a “writ of protection” for such offenders.

Why should the government not deport those who are found anywhere, but particularly those who have found their way into court?

The lawsuits also claim that ICE and others are “unfairly detaining asylum-seekers while their cases are being heard,” and this too is vital. Those who did not apply legally to be here are using asylum laws to simply walk in announced and stay. The practice has to stop. Detaining is not deporting, after all. It is just making sure that the person seeking asylum does not just vanish into the country, and it needs to happen.

A third suit wants to see “Homeland Security’s decision to end special humanitarian protections for some 50,000 Haitians who will become illegal immigrants in 2019” reversed. It is said that their “Temporary Protected Status” is to run out. Well, that is the meaning of the word, “temporary,” and this was known and accepted when granted. No one was lied to or mislead.

One lady was afraid to renew a restraining order against her husband who was said to have been abusive, but so what? If she is here illegally, marriage problems or not, she should be deported. Therefore, she should be afraid to go to court! Her husband won’t be hurting her if she is sent to a different country, will he?

When people fear our judicial system that undermines the very fabric of our society and weakens communities,” whined Ivan Esinoza-Madrigal, executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights. They are one of the groups “filing the writ.”

Speaking with more common sense, ICE said, “Individuals entering courthouses are typically screened by law enforcement personnel to search for weapons and other contraband. Accordingly, civil immigration enforcement actions taken inside courthouses can reduce safety risks to the public, targeted alien(s), and ICE officers and agents.” As always, safety is a dead last concern to the open borders crowd.

Beyond even that, why should illegals get special treatments when they enter a courthouse while everyone else gets scanned, questioned, wanded, and are forced to walk through a metal detector?

ICE also avoids non-criminal courts, so family courts like Madrigal is complaining about is not a target in most cases to start with.

Over 1,000 people have been detained so far and that is a good start, actually. Perhaps those 1,000 will learn how to apply legally before coming back.

One lawsuit says of President Donald Trump, “His administration’s rescission of Haiti’s TPS is part of his irrational and discriminatory agenda.

It may arrive with quite a jolt to liberals, but the only irrational thing being suggested is what is found in these lawsuits.