Trump Issues FINAL Warning To Korea, Ending That 'Kim Jong-Un Will REGRET It' | Teddy Stick

Trump Issues FINAL Warning To Korea, Ending That ‘Kim Jong-Un Will REGRET It’

Trump has said that if North Korea threatens America again or moves against our interests, Kim Jong-un will regret it.

When President Ronald Reagon called the Soviet Union (rightfully) an “evil empire,” leftists and crybabies from here to the Kremlin whined and acted as if the very sky was falling. The result was the longest lasting peace and prosperity run in American history, according to most historians.

President Trump is taking a stand against another evil empire, one who starves, controls, and abuses their own people, North Korea.

As the press listened and cameras ticked off pictures, the American said, “… if he utters one more threat, in the form of an overt threat – by the way, he’s been uttering for years, and his family has been uttering for years – or if he does anything with respect to Guam, or any place else that’s an America territory, or any American ally, he will truly regret it.”

When asked by a reporter if his “rhetoric” was raising the tensions, the Commander in Chief said accurately, “My critics are only saying that because it’s me. If someone else uttered the exact same words that I uttered, they’d say ‘what a great statement, what a wonderful statement.'”

Considering that Donald Trump saw virtually no praise from Democrats when he did things which they claim to have wanted, like scrapping the TTP (as Bernie had said), he is quite correct in his observation.

They’re only doing it, ” he continued, referring to the criticism.

He then added with honesty, “We have tens of millions of people in this country who are so happy with what I am saying because they’re saying ‘finally we have a president that sticks up for our nation, and frankly, stick up for our friends and our allies.”

North Korea has a huge battery of weapons but most of them are as old as their leader.

The words with spoken sternly, deliberately, and without equivocation. He added, “and he will regret it fast. Ok? Thank you all very much.”


The biggest concern is what will happen to the innocents in North Korea, many of whom Kim Jong-un literally hides under as they are placed as human shields around Pyongyang.

If Trump was out trying to pick a fight, his base would flee from him, as many of us did when he entered Syria. His libertarian voters that he got when Rand Paul (R-KY) left the race will not stay with the president in such matters.

However, North Korea is threatening us and for that reason, unless the U.S. leader turns down a chance for peace, he deserves our support.

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