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Trump Said To Have Trade Plans For China’s “Leader For Life’

President Donald Trump (pictured) has plans for China, and many think that America is going to win "big league" in the long run because of it.

China is growing ever more angered by the fact that President Donald Trump has stood boldly by his promise to endorse only trade deals fair to the United States of America. As Axios has written today, two anonymous sources have spoken about “secret plans” which America’s deal maker has for Xi, China‘s “leader for life.

A supposed “administration-wide” lambasting is planned and it is to be “to be both rhetorical and substantive.” This action shall include “the White House (led by senior officials on the National Security Council), Treasury, Commerce, and Defense, ” as well. “We’re not just going to let Russia be the bogeyman,” stated one source. “It’s Russia and China.” In other words, this “anti-China” stance is a double whammy as the U.S leader pulls no punches.

Sources say that the White House is planning to expose “hostile actions against America’s public and private sectors” and then will “act” upon the data.

Also, the administration plans to show China’s “malign activity” via “cyber attacks, election interference and industrial warfare (e.g., intellectual property theft).” One of the sources said outright, “We are going to show how the Chinese have infiltrated the U.S. and what we are doing to counter it.”

This person also said, “The push is coming from the national security apparatus. Cyber theft has been appearing more often in the PDBs [President’s Daily Brief].

No one knows just how far Mr. Trump will take the issue or to what ends, but most likely he will keep saying “cheery” things about Xi during it all, to prevent a hot war.

All of this, as some liberals say, could lead to a short-term rise in prices. However, at some point, some experts feel that America will again start producing things that they are now paying to have shipped in after made somewhere else. Many liberals (in the same thread) also feel that American’s can’t produce anything but a “sh*tty TV,” an image that has happened, in part, due to years of outsourcing, some economists have said.

With this opinion in mind, certain journalists have gathered that President Donald Trump is looking to pull out of other nations by demanding fair trade agreements (which nations like China have been loathed to do). From there, many talking heads find it likely that the goal is to have things MADE IN AMERICA again. That way, there won’t be the same need for such deals.

If so, the “cheery” words that the source spoke of is quite vital since pride is very important to the Chinese. A trade war could become a hot war if Mr. Trump were to attempt his maneuvers any other way, as many historians would attest.

From here, it is only a matter of time to see if Xi will give in to the demands of the U.S. or if a lot of new factories are about to spring up with “NOW HIRING” signs. As many see it, that is the only that Mr. Trump is going to let this end.